Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mountain Walk in Honor of Camilla

Camilla, I took this walk with my family in honor of you and the mountains. Especially because I can see the autumn colors marching down the mountainside, day by day, and I felt that I have been missing the harbinger of the season otherwise.

 We all walked up Provo Canyon trail, and you can see there are already signs of the season.

 There were two paths, and we chose the path that turned out to disappear into a wash....poor Avram pushing the stroller.  But eventually we cut across the wash and came back to the real trail.
 This picture (and other pictures of autumnal leaves) are just for you, Camilla. And just think, you didn't have to upset your allergies to get them, either.
 Since it's been forever since I've taken pictures of individuals in our family, I tried to get a shot of each person. This is Avram's "I'm a thinking scholar" pose (actually he didn't even know I was taking a picture here....)
 Look, I came on this trip too!
 Athena is very mischevious - this is her plotting smile.

 Guinevere has a lot of personality. We were pretty sure all the other hikers knew we were there - our kids kept checking the echo out.

 Lydia came as an adventurer.

 Elisheva and Enoch both went for the handsome pictures, instead of the crazy ones.

 More September pictures. I love those first leaves that turn.
And now we could go home, having seen Autumn itself.  It was nice to get out together as a family and walk in nature.  I love that the mountains are so close here, but I am also embarrassed how little we make our way to them, all things considered.  Thinking of Camilla (my sister) telling people to go and visit the mountains because she can't inspired me to get us out of the house and actually make our way there.  Thanks Camilla!

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