Monday, September 14, 2015

January - Avram's proposal was officially accepted, and he officially began writing his dissertation (although he'd been working on it unofficially for two months).
May Avram went to Woodbadge. Moved to our current house, across the street from Samuel and Aleatha. Spent a week painting and prepping the new house for the move with the help of Avram's parents and siblings.
Lydia finished first grade, and Elisheva finished playschool, the once a week mom's preschool.
June - went to Virginia with Samuel and Aleatha to visit Avram's family.  Visited Fredericksburg. Avram went to scout camp.
August - went to Maine for Ariana's baby blessing. Visited the Atlantic coast & camped for a week.
Lydia and Elisheva started school, Lydia in second grade, and Elisheva in Kindergarted, both at the French Immersion school.
September - Nana Fallick came to visit & we realized I was pregnant (surprise!!!!)
October - Grandma Stoutner came to visit.
November - Went to Virginia where the Shannon grandparents watched all four kids, and Avram and I went to SBL in Maryland.  I decided to do Archaeology in Grad school.  We celebrate Thanksgiving there.
December - Went to Tennessee for Christmas to visit Avram's grandparents & family.  Enoch took his first steps (but is still working on walking).

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