Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I've been tagged by my newly refound friend Martha, so here goes.

What I was doing ten years ago: I was fifteen and and eighth grader at Glendale Middle School. I had a huge crush on Kamrin, but nothing happened. Also, I was on the yearbook staff, and thought I was cool and the top of my game (many, many laughs).
EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't know how come I can't do math. After I published this post, I realized that ten years ago I was fifteen, but, in fact, I was a freshman at East High School in Salt Lake City. I did still have a crush on Kamrin (I shall forbear futher comment), but the rest of my life differed significantly. I was a nobody in a school of 2400, although I did have all A's thus far, and spent my time wondering why the "East Siders" were so different from us lowly "West Siders." I played the violin in the school orchestra, and honestly can't remember much else. I had a good group of friends; Melynda, Martha, Glenn, ah, those were the days, my friend.

What I was doing five years ago: I was a sophomore, 20 years old, at BYU, and was engaged to Gui to be married in June of 2003. Yup, that didn't work out either. Not much guy luck thus far, huh? I was also President of the Quill and the Sword, a medieval history club at BYU.

One year ago: Married to Avram for a two years (finally, success!), and had a one year old daughter, Lydia. Avram was finishing his last year at BYU, and I worked full time as a babysitter for three kids, plus Lydia. Also, just like this year, Avram had just finished all of his graduate school applications, and we were beginning to wait to see where we would get in.

Yesterday: Cleaned the house, in an effort to accomplish our New Years goal of picking up after ourselves and cleaning the house every evening. Also made British Chicken pie, which was good, but I made the gravy too runny. And I read half of Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh (who's male). It made me think of my friend Matt for some reason. (Matt, if you're reading this, do you enjoy the novel? I did. I finished it today). Lydia and I colored together as well.

Five snacks I enjoy: Cheese and Jacob's Cream Crackers (the ones that Wallace eats in Wallace and Gromit; very good), Apple slices and Peanut Butter (a staple of my pregnancies, because of the protein in a snack form), Oranges, Andes Mints, and Bread and Butter and Cheese (I just re-read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and for some reason Middle Earth makes me want to eat the above three items, along with cold meat and apples. Maybe it feels like travel food, or something. So I've been eating a lot of them, lately, while I read).

Five things I would do if I had a $100 million. Tell all of the graduate schools we just applied to, because if you have the money to fund your own education, they're more likely to admit you. Then, of course, pay for Avram's doctorate. Secondly, I would plan lots of trips while we're here; to Scotland, Ireland, Europe, etc, etc, Israel and go sight seeing and souvenir buying until my head explodes or our daughter's born, whichever happens first. Thirdly I would give a bunch to the Church's PEF fund; I love it, and that it's humanitarian work focused on education. Also, in charitable giving, I would fund my parents on more missions, because they want to serve more if they can. Fourth, I would pay off all of the schools that gave Avram or I scholarships; Wayland, BYU, here. Then I would set up an endowment scholarship at BYU probably, but maybe here, for married students, because we're married, and I always wanted to find a special scholarship for us, but there wasn't one. And Fifth, I would buy a house that we could live in for doctoral school, and then I could paint it, and decorate it to my heart's content. Also buy new furniture, but new furniture that's old. I love antique furniture.

Five places I would run away to: Salt Lake City, Provo, Israel (the holy sites), Middle east if I took Avram with me, so that way he could finally see Karnak, and the Karak des chevalier (sp?), etc., and then Prince Edward Island.

Five TV shows I like: I don't watch TV, but we do have Fraggle's here on DVD, and I like watching it. I like Full House, too. They still show it on cable, and it reminds me of my childhood. Other childhood TV shows; Bobby's World, Animaniacs, and Tiny Toons. But I don't watch any of these except for Fraggles.

Five things I hate doing: Cleaning the Bathroom, specifically the toilet, Calling people on the phone that I don't really know, Confrontations, Washing the after dinner dishes after I've spent a long time cooking a great meal (that's when I get Avram to do the dishes), Putting Lydia to sleep when she doesn't want to.

Five biggest joys of the moment: Lydia; she's always a joy (except for end of previous question), Having Avram home so much during the Christmas break, Having a bunch of good books to read, Looking forward to our new daughter, and sightseeing in England.

Five people I'll tag: Whoever feels up to it.


  1. No tagging, but if you haven't read Waugh's "The Loved One," you ought to as soon as possible,unless your condition precludes hearty laughter.

  2. I did enjoy "Brideshead". When I grow up, I want to be just like Charles Ryder's father.

    I, like Elder Fallick, would suggest reading other of Waugh's books. I think my favorites are his "Sword of Honour" trilogy; sort of a fictionalized memoir of Waugh's war experience. Funny stuff.

    Fun fact! John Mortimer (the fellow who wrote "Rumpole of the Bailey") was the person who adapted "Brideshead" for the 1981 miniseries (staring Jeremy Irons as Charles).

    - Matt