Friday, January 15, 2010

Now I'm Hungry for Watermelon, But I Won't Be Stereotypical and Make Avram Go and Buy it Offseason

Sometimes in the depths of Winter, I like to remember that there really is more to life than snow boots, chapped hands, and old apples.


  1. So cute! I can't (okay, I can, but still...) believe how much they've grown!

    As for winter, I think it's time to be done. Today I got away with wearing only my heavy woolshirt. It was fabulous, Hopefully the weather isn't being a tease.

    Random story: As I was typing, minding my own business, Kitty decides to sharpen his claws on my pants...while my legs were still in them. sigh.

  2. Your girls are totally adorable! (o:

  3. I remember once I went to visit a friend in the winter and became sick and was throwing up, etc. She lived with her grandmother and she had some watermelon--I guess it had been frozen. It tasted unbelievably good in the wintertime.

  4. We've been having a heat wave -temps in the 40s. Soo nice after single digits and snow for weeks.

    But it won't last.


    Then again, winter won't last either! :D

  5. I remember when I was pregnant with Rox all I wanted to eat was cantaloup and most of the time when I got it it wan't any good and then I wanted it even more, it was terrible. But your girls are so cute. I love Summer-time kids. But I am winter-loving too so I love them all bundled up too. You should take them out more often.