Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And Now--For Something Different

Or at least someone different. This is Avram, and I am performing one of those silly post high-jacks. I regret the silliness of my actions, but clearly not enough to refrain from posting. C'est la vie.

I have stolen this 'blog for the purpose of praising my wife--who has caught another of her atomic death colds, and so has not quite felt up to posting. This is why the post on sugar has retained its pride of place on the first page of her 'blog for so long. Not that she loves to talk about her eating habits so much, but rather that she has not felt up to talking about much of anything lately. This is a sad state of affairs, but one which I am unable to help her with. I do what I can, but even superheroes are powerless against the ravages of disease.

So, to give you, the gentle readers of my beloved wife's 'blog, something to read, I have, without her knowledge, borrowed this 'blog for a moment (a regrettably brief moment, as I still have homework yet to do), in order to mention how much I am grateful for my wife. I do not to tell you of how wonderful she is, for you get to read her words, which is almost as good as talking with her. Not as good, but still, a pretty close second. I appreciate Thora in particular for her concern for her family, and at the same time for my scholarship. She continuously attempts to push me to further academic heights. I would not be where I am today, without her ready assistance and support (and sometimes prodding).

I haven't time to speak to more of her myriad virtues, as I have much to do this week and today, but suffice that I love her.



  1. Awwww, isn't my husband wonderful? And just think, he thought to do this the same week that he's been cooking all the meals, making extra trips to CVS pharmacy for me at all hours, plus doing laundry and cleaning up and parenting. I've been....resting. And reading. Hmmm, on paper this sounds pretty good - maybe I should get sick more often.

    What Avram didn't tell you is that my ready assistance and support for his education often comes out sounding more like nagging, and lists that I make up for him that he can read the whole Hebrew bible, with a chapter a day, or practice his French reading skills. So I'm a closet (or open) micromanager. Good thing he loves me, huh?

  2. How sweet, Avram. We're grateful Thora has such a wonderful husband and Lydia and Elisheva have such a great daddy.

  3. Sweet, sweet, Avram. Perhaps tonight during the Young Men activity you can talk to Jeff about the benefits of blog high-jacking :)

  4. Way cute. he should post more often. I bet it would be interesting to see how he feels about providing, going to school and such ... thank guys

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