Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've Got the Bling

While observing the weekly ads, Avram and I noticed that Meijer (the local store, like Target) was having a Mother's Day sale on jewelry. Since we want to buy a colored gemstone for a ring, and since we don't want to spend any money at it, since we already know we're committed and married and also because Avram is still a student, and our ship won't come in for several more years yet, when he gets his Ph.d. and gets a tenure track job (and tenure track jobs are more like a sloop than a freighter), we've been looking for rings in the smaller end of the price range spectrum.

So, when we ventured out to Meijer on Tuesday, I was very happy to see an Amethyst ring that was 70% off. Its original price was $339. Not the finest of gold - only 10 karat - but just what we want for now. Its sale price was $101.70. Very impressive. The ring even fit me as well, at the "off the rack" size of 7. Except that was the size of my last ring. You know, the ring that fell off all the time when I was pregnant with Elisheva? The ring that since we could not keep it on my finger, Lydia pulled off and played with it, and we found it near a door, bent into an oval? The ring that we had been meaning to fix for a year, and was sitting out on our desk to remind Avram to take it to a Jeweler? The Ring that was stolen? Yeah, that ring.

I wanted this ring to not follow that pattern, since in times of cold or pregnancy or both 7 is a little loose for me. They have free sizing (basically they just keep different rings sizes at the main whatever place, and they send you a ring in your size), and I sized in at a 6 1/2 on their official ring sizer. I wouldn't get the ring for a while, but on the plus size, it would never fly off into the grass while walking around outside.

Then today I received a call, and they have discontinued this ring (probably why it was on sale), and so were giving me an extra 10% off so we could pay for another jeweler to resize it, since they no longer have the ones in the central stock. So today we went and picked up the ring, which in the end only cost $67.80. And I got the ring immediately. Here it is:
I like how colored stones are huge compared to diamonds. It makes me look like a Nineteenth Century social maven, with large be-ringed hands. (Please, ignore the oddly puffy, white fingers in this photo. Super close shots of hands are not flattering. At least not of my hands). And the Amethyst has a very nice sparkle to it, and I like the diamond chip accents (three on each side).

My last ring, the sad misshapen and stolen one, was originally around $950 that Avram got on an after Christmas sale for $267. This one was $339 that we paid $67.80 for. My next ring the jewelers will just have to give us gratis, because we are so impressive.

Of course, there is the worry that this ring will be too large. That is why I'm hoping that either the orbit of the planet will alter permanently until Ohio has the climate of Southern California, and it will never be too cold, or that I will as of this moment go on a ring finger weight training course, that will scientifically put weight on that one finger, while leaving the rest of me alone.

(Have I mentioned that I hate the word Bling? It sounds like something that would be said about Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.)


  1. It's beautiful! How wonderful! Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog--I answered your questions in the comment box. :)

  2. well that there is a pretty ring. why not get it sized if they gave it to for even less so you could do that? I don't think it is terribly expensive. I would worry that it would fall off and that I would not be able to find a ring that I loved for a price that i loved a third time. I like your taste in jewelry, pookie. Very pretty!

  3. Very nice indeed. My own ring had a tendency to fly off of my finger when I was playing bass semi-professionally, because all that exercise of my hand shrunk my ring size. Either that, or it was trying to get back to Sauron.

    I still have the same ring, but Yvonne has been through three in our 21 years of marriage — so it must be a girl thing.

    Anyway, it's beautiful, and I hope it serves you well for decades to come.

    BTW, the shots went well, and I'm feeling better. Hope it lasts.

  4. Hooray! Married again! That's a very pretty ring. Congrats on the bargain. And to me bling says gangster, as that was my first association with the word. But, just so you know, you don't seem much like a gangster to me.

  5. so pretty! and i love that it was a good deal. things like that make me happy. And i think you should get it sized so you dont lose it. i wish my hands would get smaller so my ring FIT it was too big when we got too married and not its too small. go figure!

  6. I could never wear it, but it is very pretty!! (I'm a diamond-less, gem-less gal and prefer chocolate and roses on my table, but that's just me...)
    Wear it, love it!

  7. Thora, it's so good to read your voice again, after such a long absence (mine, not yours). I love you, and your ring is nice, too. I have funny near lost stories of my rings, too. Once, in a moment of motherhood genious, I gave them to Willow to play with while I was working out and needed to take them off, instead of tying them to my shoelaces as usual. I noticed she put them in her rainboot that she was wearing and my last conscious thought about it "I need to remember that's where she put it so I can get them back at the end of my workout." Then I forgot entirely about it until we were home again and her boots were off and she was taking a nap. Oops. I found them several days later in the car by her car seat. whew.

  8. Shoot. Now I'm realizing I don't remember where MY ring is! It's not a weddign ring, it's just a dimond ring that I bought my self, because I wanted one, and didn't feel like I needed a guy to get one for me. My fingers go up and down in size SO dramaticly that I've given up on ever having a ring fit me all the time, and just wear which ever one fits best on that day.

    I like yours, I too, like colored stones, though I could never wear anything that big. I'd be scraching my kids to bits with it.