Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Head Is Spinning

It's just one of those weeks. Monday I did four loads of laundry, folded them and put them away, cleaned the living room and kitchen, made and cleaned up after dinner, and Avram was at school until 6 pm, when he came home and studied Akkadian like mad until past 10 pm for his Akkadian test on Tuesday. Plus Lydia was in a rare mood of sleep deprived frustration, and needed lots of extra TLC.

Tuesday Avram had his test (which went well, he thinks), and I went to a Park Day that a SAHM group from the three wards that meet in the same building sponsor, and then in the afternoon prepared a dinner for the missionaries who were coming over. After Avram came home, I went and donated blood while he entertained the missionaries. I came home after they had left, and then Avram did more homework.

Today I'm babysitting James, plus a toddler Jaina, whose mother is with a campout with her kindergartner son for school. That means I have three kids under the age of two today, plus a three year old. And today at Six pm, we are going to a dinner that the OSU Hillel (Jewish Organization, like Institute) is putting on for Avram and other recipients of scholarships and prizes. Avram won first place in the graduate division of the Roth Essay contest for his paper on King Saul and the Necromancer "Lo how the mighty are fallen, a reversal of fortunes" (I think that's how the title goes.) Besides this nifty dinner we get to go to, Avram also gets $500 off his fall tuition. We hope that he'll have funding (which we still don't know about yet), but this is still nice, because then maybe it would be refunded to us. Regardless, Avram can now say that he has earned money through writing - an exciting place to be.

In order to get us all there in time, Jaina's dad is getting off work early to be here by five to pick her up, then I'm driving James and the girls to James' Mom's work, and dropping him off there, and then we'll continue down to OSU campus to meet Avram at the Hillel.

Then tomorrow I'm hosting the final Playschool group Lydia has been a part of for the last four months, where various Moms in these three wards have taken turns hosting the playschool once a week on Thursdays, and providing an hour and a half lesson, snack, activity, etc. The final one is tomorrow, and my theme is Insects. Now if only I had any sort of snack or activity planned!

Finally Avram has start this semester's papers this weekend, because next weekend we're having family come and visit us (yay, Samuel and Aleatha!), and we're helping at the Primary Activity on Saturday morning.

Then after the craziness of this week has subsided, next week we have family in town, the next week is finals for Avram, and then we're going to go camping, and visit Virginia, and then Avram has a Gaming Convention here in Columbus, and he also starts that same week an intensive Arabic course, with one year of Arabic in two months, and then the next week I fly to Utah for a family reunion for a week and a half.....

And by this point, we're at mid July, and the business has never stopped. And I know it's just going to get crazier. I think I'll just go and read a book now, and pretend that I am eleven years old, and have no cares in the world. You can reach me after July....


  1. Oo, I have a stack of books for next week!

    I'm so excited for the 'craziness' of school to be over, but similar to you, it's just a ruse.

    I go on 'vacation' to Utah, etc. etc.

  2. reminds me of the scripture "There shall not be room enough to receive it"!

  3. I'm tired just reading all that. My dull boring life seems not so tedious now. Thank you!