Saturday, March 28, 2009

You May Thank Me In the Comments

Because I love you all, I changed my blog to fully post on blog readers like Google reader. You may all thank me in the comments. I only changed it in the first place because I used to haunt Google Analytics to see how many people read my blog, and I worried if people could just read all my posts from their comfortable and distant readers that they would never visit my page, and Google Analytics would never know, and thus I would die from the perceived neglect of adoring fans and friends alike.

Now I have come to an internal Zen of blogging, and I go months in between checking Google Analytics, and I blog only to discover my inner Nirvana (and for funny stories. And for the comments. Remember the thankful and adoring comments you're leaving me after this post, even and especially if you don't know me personally). So I have decided to let go of my wordly attempts at popularity, and give you my posts as a personal present to your readers. You may thank me later. (Later being right now, after this sentence ends.)


  1. Wow, thanks! I can't believe you would do this for me.

    Of course, it was a good idea, making people click to the actual page. Otherwise, they miss the pretty decorations. I've contemplated making people click on my blog, too. That way I can look more carefully for Bob my Enemy. But I'm too lazy. Plus, if I'm going to be changing things, I'd rather change my profile name again.

  2. i dont even know what that is or where that is... i come and read at the source. but i will leave you a comment and tell you that i love you anyways! but then again i am your sister so not so random or stranger. sorry. i still love and admire you and am a fan :)

  3. I am SO thankful. And SO adoring.

    I actually almost always come to blogs even when they post their full post in Reader. And even if I don't comment. Because you deserve to know I read your post, you know?

  4. A thousand thanks. Since I'm far too busy to bother with actual blogs, despite the loveliness of your decorations. I read each and every new post on yours, please add a mental plus one to your Salt Lake Analytics count.

  5. Oh bless you, Thora! I read way too many blogs, so I often don't actually read full blogs if they don't show up in Reader in their entirety. Unless, of course, something in the first paragraph intrigues me enough to pull me on.

    Also, for the worldly part of you, let me introduce you to FeedBurner. It does stats on RSS feeds. So with that and Analytics combined, you never have to wonder again.

  6. Aleatha's sister here... I'm one of your lurking readers.

    That was very nice of you, Thora. It makes life so much easier now.

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