Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good News Notes

1. Yesterday I looked out my window, and there on the ground, strewn haphazardly around the parking lot, lay many daffodils. I couldn't fathom why someone would break apart such a perky spring bouquet and abandon the pretty white and yellow flowers to be flattened and destroyed by cars. Indeed, several were already mangled by tire marks, their delicate plan flesh torn asunder. I didn't let the mystery stop me from action - within minutes Avram was outside, collecting the best of the remaining flowers and bringing them inside for a beautiful spring bouquet that now lights up my living room. Maybe they were from an unwanted beau?

2. I am now privy to knowledge of no less than five pregnancies, four of which are secret and as yet unannounced. All are due in October. Three of the four secret ones I found out about by accident (NOT weird prying on my part, thankyouverymuch). I think October birthdays are great - especially October fourth. Not that I'm biased, or anything. Although talking to morning sick women makes me sometimes step back and think, "Wait, I want to get pregnant sometime later this year? Am I crazy?"

3. Avram has been on spring break for the last week and a half. I went on spring break too, and read lots of books. Poor Avram. Poor house, that looks ten times worse then it did before my spring cleaning week (the cleaning never materialized. Neither did spring hardly - it was a pretty cold week). I'm excited for his new quarter, when he doesn't have to leave the house until 8:20 am, so we'll get to eat breakfast every morning as a family (as opposed to Winter Quarter, when he left every morning at 7:00 am. I never got up with him, let alone had a family breakfast.)

4.Elisheva said her first word. "Nana." meaning Banana, but also in a broader definition meaning any delicious food, usually fruit, that she desires greatly and you're not getting to her fast enough. She's also losing her delicious chubby cheeks, and is starting to look more and more like a toddler. Which makes sense, considering she's 11 months old now. On April 28th she'll be a whole year old.

5.Lydia weighs 28 pounds, and Elisheva weighs 20 pounds (the same weight she's had for about 5 months.)

6. A while ago when I wrote about how to better listen to people, etc. etc, soon afterwards I heard from several sources that they liked to talk to me, and felt like I listened/understood them just fine. After some deep thinking, I've decided that although this is something I've struggled with over the years, I actually am very happy about where I am right now. So it's all good.


  1. Here's what I love in #1: "I didn't let the mystery stop me from action - within minutes Avram was outside. . ."

    I think I already knew that you and Evie shared a birthday, but it's nice to be reminded. I we like October 4th, too.

  2. I wondered if anyone would catch that. Yeah, I wanted the flowers - but if Avram was willing to get them for me, I definitely also wanted to not be the one picking them up. After all, what if someone had just accidentally dropped them (which was highly unlikely. They were strewn over a 100 feet diameter, and looked very unwanted. But you never know....)

  3. Hee hee...I noticed the same thing Lisa did.

    #2 made me giggle. Ah, the joys of having to keep secrets, eh?

  4. Thora, you had better make it six pregnancies.

  5. Hurrah! Thora, I found your blog! It's been ages since we were "flatmates" in Egypt.

    Looks like you're doing great! I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my first - my kid squirms like nothing else.

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