Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Baaack!

I'm sitting here, typing on my new (to me) schnazzy desktop computer, with exciting options like a full sized keyboard, and a flat & skinny monitor. But if you're our friendly neighborhood robber reading this, it's still not worth stealing, because my brother, who gave it to us, said that the monitor is on its way out, and could die at any time. So we have Avram's back up old and ugly monitor, which weighs more than Elisheva and Lydia together, and is roughly the size of a small farmhouse for just in case.

I've just returned yesterday from my trip to Utah for my brother's wedding, which was a wonderful trip. I didn't realize how much I missed the mountains until I flew over them. As we went over Utah Valley, I choked up as Squaw Peak and Mt. Timpanogus came into view, and I softly told Elisheva that although she had never been to Utah before, she was coming home for the first time in her life. Oh, how I love Utah! And more specifically, I love Provo. My family is all in Salt Lake Valley (where I grew up as well), and it was wonderful to see them, but ultimately I never went home until I went to Utah Valley.

My wonderful family all chipped in for my plane ticket, since we had some tax sadnesses (did you know that a fellowship does not count as earned income credit? Now you know), (plus then the burglary). I'm so grateful to them. And I got to see my college friends for a night (a late night; we hung out from six pm to one am...it was like I was crazy and single again), which was also wonderful. Me and seventeen people, plus five kids, crammed into an apartment all together. Just like the old days (well, except for the kids). I love my college friends. Now I'm just getting sentimental. But hey, a whirlwind five day trip to your home & college stomping grounds for a wedding will do that to you. (Also, it was fun to be with Elisheva alone. We had some good bonding times.)

I haven't really done anything on the computer for three weeks, so it'll take me some time to catch up with all the readings I need to do. I missed blogging. I wrote lots of imaginary blog posts in my head, but I'll be surprised if any of them make it to the actual, virtual world. Also, our camera had been lost, and they took our memory card, but I got a hand me down camera in Utah from my Mom, so I can take pictures (and back them up, from now on) as well. Can life get any better than this? Yes, yes it can. After tomorrow Avram has a week and a half spring break, and we're going to do some local sightseeing around Columbus, like to Hawkins Hills or the Serpent Mound.


  1. So glad the computer got home in working order. I hope you can get a cord so you will be able to download pictures to the computer.

  2. (((THORA))) I know I dont comment very often, but I read almost every post. Ive missed reading you! Im glad you are back.

  3. Glad to hear things are back to normal sort of and that you had a good trip! You were missed. And I loved how you said "the actual, virtual world." I think that's funny.

  4. It's good to have you back. I want to see pics. I wish I could have seen you while you were in Utah.