Friday, July 11, 2008

Westward Ho!

Despite having been fairly productive today (although I'm not living in my own house, and so being productive is consisting of organizing my bedroom and taking care of my daughters, and that's it), I feel like there's something I have to do, something I need to prepare for. I think and think about it, and then I remember; Ohio. That's what I'm getting ready for.

Too bad I don't move for almost another two months.

I've been in a liminal mode since a year ago May, when I left Provo and my beloved Wymount Apartment and ventured into the big wide world beyond BYU. Since then I've dwelt in Virginia for five months, in stifling humid heat, in England for nine months in the perma-slightly-cold, and now I'm here again in the heat. But this time, finally, the end is in sight.

Soon I will be moving somewhere, and settling down there. At least for six years. But right now to me that feels like forever. Lydia will be graduating from second grade when Avram gets his Ph.d. Looking over that last sentence, I realize that it could actually sound depressing, but I'm already resigned to the fact that Avram won't work full time he's in his thirties, and so I'm just focusing on the settling down part.

When I was a kid I thought that I wanted to marry someone who moved a lot when I grew up. I actually wanted to marry a diplomat, and move to other countries being all diplomatic like, or whatever diplomats do. I liked this because it sounded prestigious, and leading to an interesting life, and most importantly because then I would get to move a lot.

Since then I've realized that I actually don't really want to move around at all. Going to BYU was the first time I have attended any school for longer than two years, because I've always moved (or switched from Elementary to Junior High, or Junior High to High School). At first I was nervous for this, but then I loved it. I love that I made friends that lasted through the whole six years I lived in Provo. And I would love to settle down somewhere and live for thirty plus years, for the same reason; getting to know people, places and neighborhoods through and through.

I've been getting excited about moving to Ohio for this reason since we first knew that Avram would be attending The Ohio State University, and now that it's finally getting close, my interior timer keeps on going off, and telling me that something is coming, something should be happening, and it drives me to distraction until I just realize that it's me, getting excited about moving prematurely.

After all, aside from settling down in moving, I'll also get to at long last unpack my boxes, some of which have been hidden from the light of day for over a year and a half (I started packing very early in Provo; I hate to feel rushed in moving). I honestly don't even remember what I own any more. My mother-in-law was asking me if I needed any glass pie plates or glass bread pans, and I couldn't remember whether or not I already owned either, whether in glass or metal. All the pie and bread pans I've ever come into contact with flitted through my head, but I couldn't pin down actual ownership.

Unpacking will be like opening a whole new world! Granted a whole new world probably full of wondering why in the world I packed boxes in such odd order, but still a new world.

Unfortunately there isn't much I can really do to prepare for the move; as previously stated I'm already packed. And we've put in some inquiries to housing, and until we get an answer back we can't really proceed there. And I tried looking at Craigslist here for a bed, since we don't have one, and instead I found a beautiful bedroom furniture set of cherry wood. With a tall four poster bed, and two dressers, and a stand alone oval mirror. I love oval mirrors, and I've always wanted (well, for three years since I first saw one) to have one. And it was all for only $500! (although it was minus the actual mattress and box springs). Unfortunately, we're only planning on buying a mattress set and a very used dresser, but it was still fun to drool over. But it doesn't make me feel any closer to Ohio.

Maybe I should start a day count down. Or take up another long book series; that'll pass the time.


  1. well unlike you i have never settled anywhere for 6 years. really.. never. Its kind of sad honestly. You know my childhood.. moving all the time. went to three four elementaries, three junior highs, and then one high school.. well two if you count the 6 months i was at wasatch so i guess that counts. After that i was at snow for a year and a half.. ( summer was at home though) then rhode island for 4 months, then random slc apt for 6 months, then utah state for a year, kaysville for 4 months, and then 5 random apt in salt lake greater area for the next three years till i got married in 2003 and then went on to move six more times until where i live now in 2008. We have been here one year this week. And we are most likely moving yet again.. to oklahoma for 3 months and then on to texas. For hopefully a LONG time. which is all relative.. so for me that means even three years at one address!! I have stoped even trying to make friends and get to know people.. years ago. seems like such a wast since i always just leave again. cory and i are hermits in a way.. only spend time with each other and the kids. The fact we are the nursery teachers doesnt help much since you never see anyone at church and we dont know anyones names still and they always forget to let us know about activities and such so we are out of the social loop there too.

    anyways if you are really bored feel free to research midland texas for me.. i am trying to find a good apt to rent not too far from the airport. And if you miss packing tooooo much you can always fly in and help me!! i am so sick of moving i am *this* close to just paying people to do it for me... and also pay someone to come in and deep clean the house afterwards, and and someone else to come and paint it. Maybe its the 9 month pregnant woman in me thinking but man i am just tired!!

    wow this is long. i should just call you.

  2. Do you have an Ikea near you? We got a nice, solid wood bed frame there for only $60 or $70, not including the mattress. Anyway, there's a good (local and inexpensive) mattress place here that we would recommend if you wanted to wait on getting that until you get here.

    So where have you put in housing inquiries?

    I'm also excited for your move! Let us know when you're coming so we can help!