Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Avram is out getting his learner's permit for driving as we speak. I'm very proud of him. Avram has always been terrified of driving, because of the looming potential of death to oneself and others. Most teenagers seem immune to this very real threat, but Avram seemed to have been born with an unnaturally active mortality awareness. So he never got his license.

I suppose he figured he would get one...eventually. Up until today, that eventually has never come. Oh, he had a learner's permit when I met him. And he did drive for me. Once. For the three hour trip home from our honeymoon.

I guess I still had a little leverage with him left over from dating, but it definitely all dried up on that trip, part of which included going over a very rainy pass in Beaver, Utah. Because he hasn't driven since that day, over three years ago.

However, at long last (and with the help of a little bribery of a role playing book in store once he has his license, Avram has begun the final road ending in a license. He realized that for church service and activities, and as our children get older that there are more occasions where he really needs to drive, and it isn't possible or practical to have me do it. So he's confronting his fears, and getting a learner's permit today, which will culminate in 30 days from now in an official Virginia license.

So let's hear it for Avram confronting his fears! (And maybe then he can do the driving. Because I actually don't like to).


  1. Hooray! And in sixty days you can get a new Ohio driver's license.

    (I'm confronting my fears too - I'm learning to drive stick finally - actually, driving isn't the problem, it's starting that's the problem)

  2. Yea for Avram!!!
    I am so happy for him. I was really scared when I got mine. I was 17 at the time. But I am glad that I did. I am very independent in that respect. Even though I do like that I can have Ben drive and take care of me.
    Love you

  3. I'm okay at starting--it's stopping that is the problem for me(which is a larger problem I'm thinking). The irony is because of circumstances, I have only ever driven a stick-shift. Not that I'm any good.

    Thanks for the support. I'm going to need it.

  4. Does this mean your car is up and running?

  5. No, we're not going to drive our car until we move; I found out we can get a trip registration permit for moving, and so we are going to do that, because that will save us a lot of money. So Avram will be learning on his parents cars; but they both have sticks too.