Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catch as Catch Can

Here I am. I have surfaced, and as my ever loving father-in-law mentioned, I've finally arrived in America, two weeks after the rest of my family.


If you ever wanted to know the detailed plot and trivia of The Wheel of Time books, I'm the woman for it.

Who killed Asmodean? Graendal.

Who is Demandred? I still believe it's Mazrim Taim, even though Robert Jordan himself said it wasn't.

Oh, wait, none of you actually read Robert Jordan? (According to my last post about him) (By the way, the title of my blog originates because I love parentheses) And you don't care about the mindless trivia of these books?

Well, then, I'd better think about something else to write about.

Mmmm, I could tell you all about how it's hot and humid here, with lots of thunder showers, but we all know that Virginia has a very different climate than England, and I am glad that I'm not having current English weather. Although I do miss the mildness. I think if I had brought ten variations on jackets, cardigans, sweaters and coats I would have looked a lot cooler in England, as apposed to ten shirst and only one jacket and one coat. Because that one ugly trench coat is what people saw me in for the whole nine months. Along with this jacket. I could have only worn one shirt for the entire trip, because it would have always been covered up by my various jackets. Avram also had the same coat, and then we would both wear black hats, and someone once asked us whether it was a uniform for us.

Err, no, we just have no style.

I bought the coat before I went to England, for the rain, because I had never bought outerwear with persperation (insperation? Moisture? Oh, Precipitation, that's it) in mind, being from a desert. Mmm, I've never thought about sweating in a coat for some reason, either. I also left it in England.

I could tell you about my new calling; despite only being in this ward for two months, I'm the Young Women's secretary. They don't waste any time here. I'm excited to be in the Young Women's, although they do have a lot more issues than the Primary. Primary children (I taught the CTR 5 class) are a lot more straight forward; they just have boundless energy, not boundless attitude.

Actually, I'm not going to tell you anything, because my cute progeny, who was blessed two weeks ago, is cranky, and needs to go to sleep, but every time we lay her down, fast asleep, she wakes up approximately .01 seconds later screaming mad. Ahh, children, ya gotta love them.

I am back, though, and I promise I'll start writing again, although the Internet connection is slow, because they don't offer anything faster in this neck of the woods, so it takes me longer to do anything on the Internet, which means that I write slower. Okay, I just spend all of my Internet time reading everyone else's blogs via Google Reader, which I converted to recently, and absolutely love. But it does mean I write less.


  1. Trench coat? Ugly, Yes. Sweater jacket? CUTE! I have a rain coat that I think I've worn all of twice, and one of those times was at girls camp, where it seems to always rain at least one day. WHich brings up your new calling. I was the YW first councelor, and you're right, loads more issues that with primary, but loads more fun too, IMHO. I LOVED that calling, and bawled when they released me for apparently NO reason.

    We are anticipating callings here in our new ward any day, it's a huge ward, over 400 members, but very low activity rate, like 25% or something crazy like that. You should have seen how we were descended upon when we moved in! We were told twice that we were prayed into the ward. How's that for big shoes to fill?

    Glad you made it safely back to the states. Why were you two weeks after the rest of your family?

  2. No, I was just reading a lot for the first two weeks I was here: I came with everyone else.

  3. Such cute progeny. Elisheva has really grown. Thanks for the new pictures. Welcome back.

  4. love the baby blessing dress and pictures. She is absolutly georgous!! I wish i could snuggle her.

    missed you when you were reading!