Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stake Conference

This blog post is really more of a journal entry type, but since my physical journal now gathers cobwebs, and since I can type faster than I can write by hand, and since I like to post things on the Internet anyway, it's a blog post. So if at any point you, like Miss Piggy in the Great Muppet Caper wonder "why are you telling me all this?" you can know that's why.

This weekend was our stake conference. I got to attend the adult session for the first time since Elisheva was five months old (she's 22 months now). Mainly this was accomplished by bringing the girls, since we had no babysitter, and deciding that the minute they acted up, we would go home. Miraculously, they were both angels during the meeting, so we stayed for the whole time. Everyone seemed very positive about them being there, too - I didn't get any weird looks. I love how open this Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is.

Plus when I walked in the building I smelled a divine food smell like Pepperoncinis. Sure enough, there were some old High Priests in a room cleaning up Subway sandwich makings. I made a joke that I should become priesthood leadership, so I too could have yummy sandwiches. They then offered me a sandwich, since they were all done, and there was leftovers. Most polite people would have politely declined, but I, who love free food, plus I'm pregnant, which has to be an excuse for everything, went and dropped off a sleeping Elisheva with Avram (whom I met at the Stake Center, since he had to attend priesthood leadership - sans food - for being in the Young Men's), and went back and made myself a sandwich, complete with pepperoncinis. Avram even came back to find out where I'd gone (he in turn left Elisheva, still asleep, with our friends), and they gave him a sandwich as well. See all the blessings you get from being LDS?

During the session what struck me the most was the Stake Relief Society President reading D&C 38:32 "Ye should go to the Ohio, and there I will give unto you my law, and there you shall be endowed with power from on high." She was talking about her own movement into Ohio, and our Columbus Temple here in Ohio, where we can be 'endowed with power.'" As I listened, though, I realized that although there was some portion of the endowment received in Ohio, most notably in the upper rooms of the Kirtland temple, that the first complete endowments done in Ohio have been through the Columbus Temple, finished only 11 years ago. I love that my temple where I live completes this verse so perfectly - that Avram and I have come to 'the Ohio,' and here we are able to attend the temple regularly.

Then today our choir combined with another ward's choir sang. We sang "Be Still My Soul," which is one of my all time favorite hymns, and has been since I first went to college (nine years ago. Yikes, am I getting old). Today I didn't get to enjoy the delivery quite as much, since as I went to go up Elisheva started shrieking as I left her. Immediately around us were all the other choir members (Avram's in choir as well), so I could see no one I knew to leave her with, and so in the desperation of the moment I brought her. Unlike yesterday, Elisheva was quite fussy this morning already. Additionally, unlike our usual policy of bringing no food to church, we had baggies of cereal since the girls had missed eating breakfast since we left home so early. So Elisheva plus her baggie of cheerios came up to the front.

Of course, Elisheva had to be held through the whole song (it's a good thing I have the hymn memorized), and she was mostly content this way, except for the random squawk she let out, just to keep the musical piece interesting. Of course, I was standing directly next to the pianist, and Elisheva started sprinkling cheerios out of the bag halfway through the song, plus kicking her back once or twice. So, during the pianist's solo between the second and third verses, I frantically knelt down behind her, gathering up any cheerios I could, before bobbing back up in time to come in for the final verse. Looking back, I should have just not gone up to perform, since there were plenty of sopranos, but in the moment I didn't think of that option. As we were exciting the stand, and I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide with my loud offspring, the Stake Relief Society President, who was sitting on the stand, made some sort of positive comment about Elisheva, and smiled at us both, and once again, like yesterday, I felt the love of the Lord through his members. The SRSP (to shorten her title) was the stake's chorister, so I knew she knew good music, and yet she didn't judge me or my child, but instead just genuinely smiled at us. This sister is one of those women who lights up a room wherever she goes. She's at temple worker, and managed to remember me once when I was there, although she'd only met me once before at a Ward Relief Society meeting. I love people like her. Someday when I'm older, I'd love to be like her.

I took Elisheva straight to the cry room from the stand, and of course she settled perfectly in my lap and demurely ate her cheerios while I could listen to the speaker. Avram unexpectedly showed up and put his arm around me, asking me quietly if I was alright, and if he could help me. I realized that I hadn't told him I was leaving the chapel, and so for him I had just never made it back to the pew. I told him I was fine (since I was), and he went back to be with Lydia. As he left, tears came to my eyes, as I reflected on how much I can tell Avram loves me. He immediately thought of me, and went to find me at the opposite end of the church, guessing at where I might be, to do what he could to assist me. I love how Avram's first thoughts are always how he can help me, or the girls.

The rest of conference passed comparatively uneventfully, except when Elisheva was standing right in front of the stairs to the stand during the rest hymn, and the visiting authority, Elder Marriott was attempting to leave quickly for a drink of water (I presume), and I had to go and pick her up so he could proceed. So...I kind of met him. At least, I said sorry to him. I'm sure whatever else, Elder Marriott remembered my daughter from his visit. Good thing this is a gospel of eternal families. I chalk that up to the reason everyone was so kind over the course of the weekend with me and my children.


  1. I trust that last picture is of Elisheva. She looks a lot like Lydia in it. She is cute. Funny blog, made memorable by embarrassment but everyone was forgiving. I have a picture of Theo and Porter on the stage with Cory and Camilla as they sang the Hallelujah Chorus with the alumni at East High. They were the only kids on stage.

  2. You mean, this is exposition and it has to go somewhere?

    The story about squawking made me laugh!

  3. there was a stake high priests' dinner right after we moved here, and they gave us several leftover pork chops, potatoes, and salad with yummy mushrooms in it. it was awesome!

    the story about avram coming to find you reminds me of something samuel would do. ♥ we sure married into a good family! :D

  4. i find it interesting how much Elisheva and Theo look alike.

    and your husband is so sweet to come and check on you!

    and i love your stories :) mostly becuase i can relate really well as my three boys are constantly doing things like that, and i also am a lover of free food!

  5. Eventful conference! I can't believe how old Elisheva is looking! And she is looking more and more like Lydia (to me).