Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sometimes I do Follow Up on a Previous Post (But Don't Count on it).

One of the odd things about the mostly one-sided nature of blogging as a conversation, is that my side ends up with lots of dangling unfinished thoughts and beginnings. As an attempt to rectify this situation, at least in small part, I thought I'd mention whatever happened to the Book Group (remind to come up with an awesome name).

I decided after reading everyone's comments, and consulting with others, that we wouldn't have a book to read before our first meeting in March, but rather to have a simple planning meeting for the rest of the year, and go from there. We met mid-March at my house, and had quite a nice turnout - just about as many women as my living room can handle. We also picked hosts and people to pick books for their month (these two are separate, so that the host doesn't also have to lead the book discussion), and books for the next two months. Although, in the way of life everywhere, the book-leader for May is now on bedrest for her pregnancy, so we may have to go with a different book for that month.

To lead off, I picked the first book, and based solely on the number of recommendations from my own blog, I picked The Poisionwood Bible. After looking up summaries of it, Avram told me it probably won't end happy. Plus when I picked it up from the library, it had a nice built-in sticker on it, proclaiming it a part of Oprah's book club. Oh, well. Oprah had the bible on her book club once - she can have good taste, too. I haven't actually started the book yet, for our mid-April meeting, but Avram has been on Spring Break this week, so reading books has been at the bottom of my list of things to do, right after cleaning the house and getting dressed and showered in the mornings. Oh, and cooking. Basically I've been taking a vacation from life this week.

Monday will see us back in "normal" mode, whatever that is. I'll have piles of laundry to do, not to mention deal with the inevitable clutter build up and parent my children alone (so sad, I know.) As well, I will get back on my reading bandwagon, and start back up with worthwhile reading - I'm currently muddling through the beginning of Sir Francis Bacon's Essays, plus I was over a hundred pages into my highly abridged (it's only 900 pages, as apposed to the six volume original) Arabian Nights translated by Sir Richard Burton (I just love putting those Sirs into their names - it makes me feel high-falutin'), but then of all the audacities, it was requested back to the library. Who in the greater Columbus area, besides myself, could possibly want the Arabian Nights? Hmmmph. So now Avram is getting the book for me through his splendiferous Ohio Link run through OSU, that can get almost any book in Ohio. With The Poisonwood Bible added in, I foresee plenty of reading material for the near future.


  1. Uhh… I read The Poisonwood Bible once. For a book club, actually. Avram is right. It doesn't necessarily end happily. It's… an odd book. I didn't particularly care for it much. But maybe I'm a happy-ending, sense-making kind of book girl. It definitely gives you things to think about, though. Let us know what you think of it.

  2. I didn't feel that it ended sadly, per se, though. It is true that the book isn't a happy ender, but the end was very satisfying for me, in spite of that. I don't think you'll regret it.

  3. Those precious weeks off away from real life when your husband is available is totally worth the piles of laundry and clutter, etc. It won't seem like it at the time, but it really is!