Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Feeling Verbose.

We're going to Maine for Thanksgiving. Avram has a brother in school there.

We're better from our death colds that lasted two and a half weeks.

I'm not feeling morning sick anymore, although still rather short on energy, with unpredictable blood sugar levels. I'm only ten weeks along - so I don't understand (and yet am still very grateful for) why the early reprieve. Maybe I'm further along than I think I am.

Most days consist of eating every hour or two (thank goodness for cheerios), lying on the couch a lot, and slowly puttering around trying to clean. Plus babysitting half the time. Not much to talk about.

Lydia dictated a letter to Santa Clause. It started, "Give me candy, give me toys." She sure knew what she wanted. Lydia is also learning her numbers (years behind learning her letters). This is what she says of some of them: 5 is like an S. 6 has a babushka on its head. 7 also has a babushka on its head. 8 is two circles and looks like a B. 9 is like a P, and has a babushka on its bottom. I have a feeling this girl is not going to be a mathematician. We call Lydia when she puts scarves on her head (which she loves to do) a babushka. I have yet to determine exactly what this has to do with the numbers 6, 7, or 9.

Just to clear something up from the last post - I don't actually want or intend to do an unassisted (or just Avram assisted) home birth.

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  1. Glad you cleared the whole birthing thing - I was starting to get worried. Excited to get an update on the celebratations