Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Tell if You've Been Sitting On the Couch For Far too long watching the Second Season of Star Trek

A couple of nights ago, I dreampt that I was in love with Spock. Yes, Spock, the one with no emotions. Data is my favorite Next Generation, so apparently I have a thing for guys who come across as robots (or are one). I was trying to find a way to get him to admit that it would be logical to love and marry me, but I had not been successful, although I knew that secretly Spock was full of all sorts of rampant feelings for me.

So I went to his mother Amanda, and convinced her that it would be logical for him to marry a human, so he could get in touch with his human side. And based on the Pon-far episode (which apparently I checked for complete logic while in my sleep), we do know that Vulcans can have arranged marriages. So she agreed with me, and arranged the marriage, and voila! I knew that Spock, the spouting computer, was all mine.

Then I kept watching some more episodes, in the days since this dream, and I've been wondering to myself why I would actually want to marry a man who cannot accept emotional reasons for actions. Could you imagine Spock taking care of a morning sick woman, because she simply doesn't feel well? Could you imagine Spock trying to reason with a three year old, and even worse an 18 month old?

Lesson learned: Spock and other TV men might be great to dream about, but I'm glad I'm married to Avram. Even if he doesn't have pointy ears.


  1. This is all hilarious. I love it! I am the one with wacky weird dreams in my marriage. We just love sharing them. Wacky dreams are the best.

  2. Thora! You are a kindred spirit. We were watching the first season awhile back, and watched the new movie in the theater. After the movie I dreamed that I was in love with the Spock from the movie! I think I melded his mind to Alex's though, because it was a weird Spock/Alex in my dream.

  3. There is a Pon-Far episode in Voyager that I watched when I was 15. That night, I had romantic vulcan dreams. I actually had quite loving (and passionate - but don't tell anyone) relationship with him. His name was Starak. I was so very sad when I woke up, especially since I wasn't even old enough to date yet.

  4. Yeah, Avram seems like a nice guy, but it really is too bad about his ears. Glad you can overlook that!

    Oh! And I had a dream that I bumped into him in a grocery store one day (I don't remember if his ears were pointed or not in my dream) and he took me back to your apartment and I got to meet you and your girls and we were like old friends.