Saturday, July 11, 2009

Utah - This Is the Place!

It's been so long since blogging that I think I've forgotten how to write. How embarrassing. So I think I shall just jump in, awkwardness and all, and start splatting my thoughts down on the virtual page. Unless that is what blogging is, and my pretensions of Essay-like cohesion and narrative storyline have all been empty ideas with no fulfillment. That's not only embarrassing, but pretentious as well.

When we first arrived in Utah, we went to This is the Place state park. My friend Michele works there, and now I feel ready to work there, or at least volunteer there. If I ever move back to Utah, I fully intend to volunteer once a week. You get to bring your kids, too! What a great way to feel involved with the pioneers. And I don't know if you know this, but I was actually supposed to be a pioneer. Something just got mixed up in heaven, I am pretty sure, which was why I was born a century and a half late. I spent college being in the Medieval club, but after a day pretending to be a pioneer (despite an actual lack of pioneer clothing), I was more than ready to jump ship, and alter my college history to find a pioneer re-enactment club. Except BYU doesn't have one, the nerve.
Michele did the whole process the day I visited, from carding wool to spinning it, double plied it, then did this, and after a bunch of steps got this - a hank of hand spun wool.
I got to Card Wool, and then use a drop spindle to make thread (the method for time immemorial), and then I even got to learn how to use a real spinning weel, and although my resulting thread varied in width dramatically, it still worked. Unfortuately I have not picture for this. Also note that I was a priviliged guest because of my Friend connections, so please do not call up and or bang down the door of This is the Place, demanding your own spinning wheel experience. My friend would really like to keep her job. Thank You.

I also took fake amazing Photographic Artistic pictures, and reveled in the Mountains. Aren't Mountains wonderful? I really miss them out here in Ohio. I especially love the Provo Mountains, but I don't have any pictures of them, becuase my camera broke shortly into my vacation. Hmmph! I have lots more to say, but Avram has been waiting for me to get off of the computer for forever, but that's how long all these pictures took to upload, so maybe some other month I'll continue writing. (Speaking of Avram, wasn't his post sweet? I was completely surprised by it).


  1. Your friend is a great spinner! It's gorgeous. As is your nifty, artsy photography. The part of Ohio I'm from is hilly, but nothing close to mountainous.

  2. We went there for my work's spring workshop, and I was so ready to come home with a spinning wheel and some sheep! It looks so, so fun. I'm jealous. When you buy a wheel, I want to come play with you (o:

  3. Oh how fun! I love the wagon wheel shot. And I miss the mountains, too. Did you know Poland (Polska) comes from the word "pole" in Polish which means "Fields"? It's rather flat (except in the far south).

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  5. That is so cool! So sad we always miss each other. my cell is 801 696 0893 if you are still here!