Thursday, July 9, 2009

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

Hello, this is an unofficial update by your official unofficial updater Avram (the erstwhile husband to the regular updater of this 'blog--you can read my sporadically updated fantasy 'blog here--there'll be some pretty good Nibley stuff posted soon, if you're interested).

My wife has been out of town for the past ten days for a family reunion out in Utah (the actual reunion was in Yellowstone National Park, but she flew to Utah, and then went to Yellowstone from Utah). I had class--I'm learning Arabic, which is pretty cool--so I was unable to join her and my two adorable children in their exciting journey. From the phone conversations which she and I have shared, it sounds like she has had a fun time. To those of her readers whom she saw while out in Utah, I wish to thank you for showing her such excellent hospitality, above and beyond those rules set down by the All-Father.

Her out of town-ness serves, therefore, as an explanation for why this 'blog has lain so long fallow. But fret not, for my darling returns home this very evening--in only a few short hours, to be precise. This wonderful for everybody. Wonderful for her, because she may stop going full-tilt boogie all the time. Wonderful for me, because I get my family, my eternal companion and my best friend back. Wonderful for you, because it is likely that she will once again grace the pages of her 'blog with her own peculiar brand of wit and wisdom, thus raising the quality of the entire Internet in general, a boost which it surely needs.

Since I went through the troublr of high-jacking her weblog, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to tell all of her readers how great she is (I am aware that you--as her faithful readers--were already aware of this fact, but bear with me). One of the things which I have missed most about my wife is her conversation. I love the way we can talk. Although the telephone facilitates this somewhat, it is lacking in comparison to the wonder that is face to face contact (f0r one thing, my wife has a lovely face--talking with her in person is like a two for one deal: intellectual stimulation through conversation coupled with with a fabulous view. It is, let me tell you, a winning combination). I would have had difficulty marrying anyone to whom I was unable to talk, but darling goes above and beyond the call of duty, and talks to me about my scholarship, my difficulties, and even my role-playing. She is truly a devoted wife (and a great mother [and good looking, too {not only that, but she's an inspired cook}]).

I have missed her dearly while she was gone from me (although I enjoy my solitude) and I eagerly await her return.

What a lovely lady:

We now return you to your regularly scheduled 'blogging. End of Line


  1. HA HA HA! I love you and Thora! She is all those things to me too. (well Except for the eternal companion thingy) But I love her all the same. I missed her too. I missed talking to her about any and everything. My house misses her (I talk to her when I clean, hence the no cleaning and the wallowing in my filth) I wish that I could have gone too! Oh well some other time then.

  2. So what I want to know is do you like your wife? You should try to be a little more clear about that.

    And I seriously love the apostrophe in front of blog. I don't think I've ever seen it, but it just seems so Avram (even though I've never met you). I think I may start calling mine my weblog. It's so retro.

  3. Hey we just got back from Yellowstone too. I thought I recognized that one lady in that car stopped on the side of the road to view bison.... (Ha ha ha)

  4. awwww that is so sweet to call thora darling. I do love my thora conversations as well. I also like them better in person which is why she must come and see me sometime this fall!! :)

    Thora, he is a keeper! I want cory to write of his love and devotion for me on my blog! he is so sweet.