Monday, February 23, 2009

Those Sentimental Feelings, that You Feel

I did begin writing another step of my Saga last night. But then about half way through I posted a picture, the first picture ever of Avram and I, and then I pulled out a CD of Club pictures that Tabitha put together. And then I spent an hour and a half looking at all 1179 pictures. By this point Avram had come home, and it was past bedtime, plus I was feeling all sentimental about my college days in general, so the moment had passed. I'll finish it soon, though, I promise.

Looking at all those pictures (of which I was only in a small portion of) several thoughts came to mind.

1. Why did I look so scrubby all the time? The pictures are mostly all when we're doing medieval things, and not just normal stuff, and so I'm wearing one of three dresses for my entire four years of college. That's a very small and boring wardrobe when you look at the pictures all at once. Plus my hair never seems to be done, but just hangs around my face like a dead cat. Very boring. Here, I'll show you a couple:3. Also, looking at all these pictures made me tremendously homesick and nostalgic for my halcyon college days of yore. I wish I could go back and do college all over again. Not right now, not with a family and daughters, but be 19 again. Except this time I want a lot less boy drama. Of course, I know that there are times and seasons. After all, most of my friends in all the pictures are graduated and married now, often with children of their own. But despite the fact that I look scrubby in a lot of the pictures, we all looked so young and fresh and handsome.

4. Man, I know that film pictures have a magic all there own, but I sure wish I had owned a digital camera throughout college. The vast majority of the pictures are scanned in film pictures, and they are just not the same. Digital photography may not be as magical, but it does lower the common denominator needed to take decent photos.

5. I'm really, really sentimental, about every college boyfriend I had.
I saw a picture of Dennis. Awww.Seeing him (he's the shorter one on the left) reminds me of my freshman year. Of the freedoms of college, and the fun of club that year.
Then I saw what I'm sure is the only existing photo with Peter and I both in it (sorry for the really low quality). I'm on the far right, and next to me is Michele, and next to her is Peter. Peter reminds me of the beginning of my sophomore year, of when I was president, and that really fun, drama drenched club week.
Then I saw one of Gui and I (we're on the left). It's only been recently that I go Aww for seeing he and I, but now I get as sentimental as I do about the rest of them.
Finally of course is Avram and I. This is one of the few pictures of us (pre Lydia, when we got a digital camera). Our friend Tom is in the middle, between us. We're at a wedding reception, the first week we were dating (Tammy from Club, so that's why I'm wearing medieval clothing). I also caught the bouquet. Tom is wearing Avram's fedora. I go "Aww" a little bit over Avram and I, but not as much because since we got married, he doesn't remind me of one specific time in my life, since he still is my life.

This summer I'll hopefullybe traveling to Utah, and I want to do a club reunion then. It'll be interesting to see where so many of us are now in life, with spouses or jobs (or both) and some with children. Good times. I loved college.


  1. Undone hair that hangs around your face like a dead cat was all the rage among the successful clubbies.

    I'm also glad to figure out who Peter was. I'm terrible with alot of clubbies' names, but usually I remember their faces.

  2. too true, too true. Sadly, I often did my hair normally, but I didn't know any medieval hairstyles, and I never did quite figure out the wimple, and so that's why I was such a successful clubbie, I suppose. That's why we should focus on the picture of Gui and I, where my hair is up and I look half decent.

  3. I was looking over this post--and I got to my picture and said to myself, "What a great tie!" So, while I may not be a inspiring of sentiment as some of her other boyfriends, I am pleased to note that I had great taste in ties, even then.


  4. i am surprised avram lets you put pics of your ex's on your blog. i think cory would kill me. he is still mad i have pictures of mark at all, but he was my first boyfriend and i dont want to get rid of pics from my first formal dance and things like that. so i keep them and sometimes i look through them and remember that time of my life. so i totally know what you mean.