Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank You

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes. We appreciate your prayers and good thoughts.

We're doing well. I called and got Renter's Insurance - one day too late, but I have a lot of peace of mind having it now. Plus in case there's a volcano that ruins our apartment, we'll be set. Although every few hours Avram and I will remember yet another movie that's gone. They didn't take according to resale value, but just by shelf, so all of Lydia's movies, which were on the bottom two shelves, are mostly fine (although Elmo's potty time did go missing), but the drama and action/adventure, plus the old movies (Humphrey Bogart, old musicals) were basically wiped out. Honestly, I don't even really like movies, and I've been wanting to majorly clear out our collection anyway, but I would have liked Avram and I to do the selecting.

Mostly I'm just sad that my wedding ring is gone - Avram bought it on an after Christmas sale, and it was a sapphire ring, so it's not the monetary value as much as the symbolic one. I'm weird, and so I've always wanted to wear different rings throughout my life, just because a wedding ring is really the only fancy jewelry I wear, and I like variety and to try different things. So I'm thinking for Birthday/Christmas maybe we can look into antique/used rings with different stones, like maybe a ruby, or amethyst or something. Plus I've been leaning toward yellow gold recently. I loved the Edwardian style (ornate filigree) of my wedding ring - plus Avram surprised me with it, so he picked it out himself.

Thanks for the various offers of computers. (And Carrie, we don't have caller ID, so please call me back, because I don't know your number, because I stored it on the laptop). Currently Avram's uncle offered a mac that he has, and I'm trying to convince Avram that now is the time to move to a Mac.

Hearkening back to a recent post, despite recent events, or maybe even because of, I am still very happy in my life. Not because I'm happy to have been robbed, but because being robbed (or burglarized, technically, since I wasn't there), but because this made me remember what I truly value. My daughters. My husband. My temple covenants. Our eternal marriage. Although someone could theoretically steal the first two, the second two are untouchable.

I have missed the Internet. It's only been two days, but I feel very distant from the world around me. Suddenly the phone looks like a lot more of a lifeline to the outside world. We should soon have a borrowed computer, so soon I'll be back regularly.


  1. Glad you have such a great perspective.

    Obviously the thief has a child of potty training age.

  2. MAC! Macmacmac! Go with the Mac! Can you tell I like Macs? I'll be so jealous.

  3. Oh, and you didn't say about all your photos... Are they all gone too? I've been just so sick thinking about you losing all your photos from your time in England (etc.) I think if it were me I'd be more upset about the photos than the wedding ring! :)

  4. At least the pictures you've posted are still here.

    I am so sorry. You have such a great attitude!