Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm So Lame

Today my former babysitting employers paid for Avram and I to go on a date while they babysat our kids. Heaven, right?

It was fun. We went to the Olive Garden, and enjoyed their salad and breadsticks (both getting the ceasar dressing, of course). For the first time in years we had a waiter that we could truly rave about. It was very pleasant. Although they had told us to stay out, and they'd put our kids to bed in their guest bedroom, I just couldn't do it. Avram suggested a couple of places we could go, but I don't enjoy browsing socially at bookstores and the like. And we hadn't previously planned any other activity, like going to the movies. I don't even know what movies are playing, and haven't for years.

So....we went and got the kids. I'm so lame. They were really surprised to see us so early. After all, this was the first date we had without our kids since, since Elisheva was just a dream in my eyes (or since Summer of 2007 for the boring/practical readers like myself). And it's not like I was worried about our kids - honestly I didn't even think about them really while we were gone. All I can come up with is that I'm lame. I've forgotten how to date.

We're planning to switch off for babysitting with other families in the ward once a month, and so I need to re-learn how to date. Of course, as I'll soon get to with my Saga writing, Avram and I have never been large daters. Even when we were officially dating we would often go out to eat, and then go for a long walk together afterwards. One Sunday we walked over ten miles around Provo (and went into parts I'd never seen before, and haven't found since. It was twilight Provo, do-do-do-do to creepy music Provo). So, I guess what we really should have done was driven to the local park and taken a walk. Of course, now that sounds like a great idea, and I'm wishing we'd really done it. Too late. I'm lame.

(See, I don't like seeing movies, because they don't feel social to me. I like going to concerts or plays, though. And I like connecting, by talking, or being romantic. I also love dressing up. I wish I owned more formals, and places to wear them to, for that matter.)

So, my dear readers, please tell me how not to be lame.

Oh, and on the romance front, our Valentine's Day dinner went well. Lydia did start screaming in the middle of our appetizer, and finally Avram went up to see what was wrong while I assembled our entree. He found Lydia standing in Elisheva's crib, without out a stich on, including her diaper gone, screaming for all she was worth, while por Elisheva lay there, still trying to sleep, crying with her eyes closed. Avram took Lydia out, dressed her and read to her, and I came up and fed Elisheva again, and then we re-put them to bed, where they actually went to sleep that time. Sadly though in all of this our asparagus got a little overcooked and wimpy. Otherwise the dinner was great.


  1. I love going on walks. My parents go on a walk together almost every day. Of course, they don't need a babysitter anymore....

    If you get bored with plain old walks, you could go to a zoo or some other more exotic place that requires walking.

  2. I think that's the sort of lame a parent should be proud to be. Our little ones are still awfully little. The time for long date nights without guilt/missing them might be some distance in the future yet, methinks.

  3. I would have to say yo uare LAME! but thats ok cause we all are when we have little ones and its been forever since we had that new young love. but next time, maybe try to sneak back home, and you know. while you have no kids in the house to interupt. :) not that we have ever tryed that one! :)

  4. Ha, I have no advice. I am definately that lame too. I think our last date was over a year ago, and I couldn't leave the house until I was sure Benjamin was asleep. Paul keeps asking me when I'll be ready to go on dates again, but it's hard. Finding a babysitter, leaving the kids and not thinking about them, finding something fun to do and then having the energy to stay up? It's tiring just thinking about it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is lame. :)

  5. Oh I thought of another idea you might like: go to a museum.

  6. all cory and i ever do on dates is go out to eat. I love to just sit and talka nd enjoy my food with no interuptions from porter or theo. ( we still take preston with us, how lame am i?? but i cant leave my lil 6 month old cause he just nurses and needs me and i have anxiety he will want to nurse while i am gone otherwise and never enjoy myself) anyways we went out for valentines which consited of a long relaxing dinner at sizzler with lots of talking and us lingering the booth for an hour ( it was 4 pm so they were not busy or giving us looks to get on wiht it!) afterwards we just walked around the gateway mall and looked at stuff, found a yummy cookie store and got some, then ran a few errands with no little buggers screaming. I love running errands sands kids and its even better plus a husband! so ya we are lame too. I do LOVe to go to hale theatre when we have money to do that. Also you can always do the temple date although you dont get to interact with your spouse much there.

    huh.. cant remember where i was going with this. darn kiddos keep interupting me. anyways i love you and i tried to call you today but you were at the library and who knows when you would be back! call you again soon!

  7. Im joining the lame club too. We dont go anywhere but to eat, and then we have the kids with us. Finding a babysitter you can trust is hard, and paying for them on top of paying for the meal...

  8. I think one of the coolest dates that Carol and I went on was a trip to a deserted island, without leaving our apartment.

    It started with a flight, complete with scrolling scenary through the side window.

    We had an in flight movie. And first class food during the trip.

    Upon landing, we checked into our hotel, changed into swimsuits, and went to the beach (remember, this is still all in our apartment). We simulated waves with the jets in the tub (we are lucky to have the jets, but they are part of our tub).

    We had a dinner of Hawaiian haystacks.

    It was a lot of fun. And most of the fun of the date was the anticipation for me, and for Carol it was experiencing that I had spent a lot of time thinking about a special time with her.