Friday, May 16, 2008

What Our Parenting Produces

Around 1:30 pm today I was in the bedroom with Elisheva, reading Little Women (which I finished today), while Lydia played out in the living room. Suddenly I noticed it was extremely quiet, so I wandered out to see what had become of Lydia, and I saw this:
my little girl, sound asleep. Isn't she darling? I love being a mother, even if I am bad about routines, like actually putting my daughter to sleep instead of making her crash on her own.

Lydia also has a hidden dark side:
According to Avram, she's clearly an ally of his arch nemesis, the rooster Von Schnerk, who's trying to take over the world. (Yeah, I don't get it either, you'd have to ask Avram about this rooster, although I do admire Lydia's prowess at goatee growing).

And finally, in order to not exclude Elisheva Anne:


  1. Rooster von Shnerk? The greatest criminal mastermind? That fiend! It is clever of him to place his lovely femme fatale so close to that great hero. We must be cautious if we are to avoid the power of his mighty brain and her stunning cuteness.

  2. i cant believe she is asleep standing there! kids are so cute. I have a picture of porter asleep on the living room floor when Theo was a newborn. I think when you have a newborn you are just in survival mode. Heaven knows what my two boys are going to get into when i end up falling asleep nursing the new one upstairs! I better get those locks on my doors that are up high so they are not roaming the neighborhood at least!

  3. I love the picture of Lydia asleep. That is too funny. I'm glad you caught it. Elisheva Anne is so cute. Love to see new pictures.

  4. Is that an Animaniacs reference? I haven't seen that in years. Love it.

    That is so cute, Lydia falling asleep like that. My parents had all sorts of pictures of me sleeping in weird places (on the stairs, in the hall, draped over a footstool...) Wouldn't it be nice to be able to fall asleep that easily now?

  5. Lydias goatee puts Avrams mustache picture to shame.