Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Stuff

After five days without any Internet contact (yes, our home Internet still doesn't work. But the guy to fix it is here today, on this very estate, so hopefully things will change very soon. I'm in the Manor, currently) I got on, and everyone had updated. I've spent forever reading everyone's lovely blogs, and it made me so happy, and grateful even that all of you write and read blogs, so that way I can feel and be in contact with you, even if you're super far away. One of the sad things about going home to America soon is that I'll still be far away from most everyone that I know.

Not much has been happening to us lately. Yesterday we went to Oxford, and I bought clothing, because I couldn't stand the heat anymore without some sort of reprieve in the wardrobe department. I'm very impressed with the underbelly of Oxford clothing prices. Ok, so underbelly as a word doesn't exactly fit there, but I liked the word so much I just had to leave it in the sentence. I bought three shirts and a pair of flip-flops (with blue glitter, even) for ten pounds and fifty pence at one store, Primark. The real deal of the day, though was at the Next clearance store. Primark is a new department store, but most of their clothes are made out of cheap materials, and frankly the vast majority of their offerings rate a high level on the tacky scale. Next is a higher end department store (comparatively, at least), and so their clearance store has all the joys of better made clothing while still being cheap (although they too have many clothes up their on the tacky scale. I have a sneaking suspicion this is just British styles currently, or maybe just world wide styles; I wasn't up on American styles by any means). One thing the store doesn't have, though, is the joy of any dressing rooms. Even DI has dressing rooms, but maybe it's part of the clearance appeal. So I did the time-honored approach of trying on the skirt I ended up buying over my clothing while standing in the middle of the store. You do what you can. Although Primark had dressing rooms, the line was so long that I ended up trying on their shirts over my clothes while standing in the middle of the store as well.

I'm classy, I admit it. Not as classy as the girl next to me, who did the same as I did, minus keeping her own clothes on while trying on the new ones, but I still try.

Still the skirt I bought that is cute and black and flared and looks like Linen (I think it's a linen blend) and knee length, and originally cost 20-30 pounds only cost me three pounds. Now that's my kind of clothes buying. I only wish Michele, my true shopping buddy in life were there with me. Avram wished she were there as well, because that meant that he wouldn't have to be there with me, while holding Elisheva and trying to keep track of Lydia.

Life with two children while traveling around certainly involves more stuff; I felt like we looked homeless, we were carting so much around with us. Sadly no one stopped and gave us money, though.

Otherwise in our life Avram is working steadily to finish his thesis. It has to be 15,000 words (which isn't very long, really; only about 30 pages), and he currently has around 10,5o0 done. He just needs to write a conclusion and finesse the rest of it, and then can turn it in to his supervisor to be edited and constructively commented over. It's due in about two and a half weeks, so everything is working well and on a good timetable.

Also we missed making a regular appointment to register Elisheva and get her a passport with the US government consulate in London, because they're made three months in advance, and we didn't find this out until a week ago, when the closest appointments were July 10th, and we were due to fly home on June 20th. Luckily they fit us into an emergency appointment on June 2nd. The only difficulty is it's at 8:30 am, and so we'll have to travel to London around four in the morning that day, which will be interesting (getting to Oxford to get to London, mainly). Avram's excited, though, because since we'll be in London already we're planning on visiting the British Museum for any time we have left after our appointment. He's currently torn between seeing the Egyptian sights, specifically the mummies, and the medieval collection, which is amazing as well (so we read). I'm hoping to squeeze in both, somehow.

A final note: Avram finally made me read To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. I had been dragging my feet because it had always sounded like a depressing book, but having now read it I must admit it's not depressing, and in fact was incredibly well written and a pleasure to read. So you should all read it too.


  1. you had never read to kill a mocking bird??? what?? dear thora i am so surprised. Its a classic! i read it many a time! starting in junior high, in high school a few times, and i think even once in college. I like the book. I always had asumed you would have read it!

    Okay had a good laugh at the woman who took off her shirt in the store to try one on! i cant even imagine being comfortable enough to do that! glad that you found some new clothes for not too much money! If I was there i would have happily been your shopping buddy. I love browsing DI for a good deal, and cory is also not too thrilled to chase both our kids around while i do it.

    Hope you can figure out a way to get to your early apptoinment. Enjoy the museum! I would have atough time decided what to see too.. think if i could only do one it would be the medieval, although i do find egyption stuff really interesting and would hope to have time for both.

    I am more envious then you will ever know of you your adventures! soak it all in and enjoy the rest of your time in england! Take a huge ammount of pictures and when i come visit you one day you can show me all of them. i want to see the country side in spring! Oh and the streets in london, just what it really looks like there.

    Miss you!

  2. I would go for the Medieval Collection. One reason is that it is actually from England and Europe and so may have more meaning since your in England. Of course I'm all about seeing the things from that area when I visit that area.

    Did I mention I really hate big museums. They are so big and so impersonal. Also you want so see so much but there is never enough time. Sure it means you can come back again and again but you can do that in a small museum as well. Just at the big museum you'll get sore feet from all the walking.

    Good luck on getting into London on time. If I was there I'd give you guys a ride but I'm not.

    Wow two kids. We're doing are best just to wrangle one little boy. I can't imagine having to herd more. Well in time I guess.

    Okay over and out

  3. Several things.

    It saddens me that you'd never read "To Kill a Mockingbird." But this sadness is relieved by the fact that you're reading it now. Question of the hour: What do you think of the people who believe Truman Capote (friend of Ms. Lee, and possible inspiration for Dill) was Ms. Lee's Ghost Writer?

    If you have time, or, find yourself back in London at some future date, I'd suggest visiting the Imperial War Museum. Can't miss it. It's the big domed building on the Lambeth Road, with the naval guns in the front garden. Very cool. Question for the next hour: Is it significant that the IWM is located a building that used to house the Bethlem Royal Hospital?

    Not only did everyone 'blog. EVERYONE 'blogged (even people who you might have given up on ever seeing a post from again). Discussion question: Is this comment too self serving?

    Matt desires a big collage scarf to keep his face warm on the Frozen Tundra. Discussion questions: A) Is this do-able? B) What is the easiest, and fastest way to send financial remuneration?

  4. To answer your questions, Matt.
    I had to depend on Avram's opinion for the first one, because I don't even know what Capote has written, let alone read anything of his. According to him, it's complete rot.

    Next, yes, it is significant. Very.

    Third, I now have an updated friends' link. And no, it's not a self serving question; after all, as you point out, there is something self serving in blogging already, so once you've broken that barrier, you're fine on all things even greater that serve the self (don't quote me on this one).

    And finally, something actually useful, information-wise. In the interest of your tender neck, here is this website:

    Just find which college's scarf you want (there's also the general Oxford one), and let us know. Then pay us through pay-pal; it's the best we've decided for international money things.

  5. Thora thora thora - i miss you!! I just found out you had a blog from Travis
    I'll have to take some time and read your blog to find out how you are doing
    We just found out I'm expecting so I'll have another little one come January. I started a gmail email group for clubies to stay in touch with each other - I emailed Avram about it but if you go to
    you can read all the updates from everyone
    I hope everything's going well - your new little baby is so cute!
    We Miss You Guys!!