Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Took a Quiz!

This is the first quiz I ever put on my blog. Normally I never post quizzes, although I take lots of them from other's blogs, but I just love Jane Austen....and it doesn't hurt that I turned out as Elizabeth Bennett and not Emma. Although I'm definitely not a straight Elizabeth; I answered quite a few from various heroines. The heroine I really want to be is Anne Elliott, because she's so nice, but even the title of her novel, Persuasion, doesn't match me, so it's no surprise I'm not her.

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!


  1. I'm Marrianne! I've gotten that result before. I think it fits, and I like it, but really I am not a drama queen.

    To answer your question: the longest my hair has been is about hip-bone length. I have a picture of my hair a bit shorter than that (I cut it really short about five months later). You can laugh at the picture, it's ok. It's from my Junior year prom. We had this idea that we would act like rockstars/snobs, so we didn't smile. I actually had a fun time. Also, I made my dress, corset, barefoot sandals, and his pants. That was the funnest part :)
    Here's the link:

  2. I'm too out of touch to take the quiz. Of the actresses to chose from as who would portray me, I don't know a one of them so I couldn't answer that question.

  3. I am Elizabeth Bennet also!
    although I am not too sure about the whole discription. I do like her the best so far. And I am quite talkative and I also have a tendency to prejudge. Oh well I am not perfect. Thank you for putting that up.
    Love you Bork

  4. I am marianne Dashwood. I don't think that really fits me, but huh. it was fun.

  5. I got Anne Eliot, good thing I saw persuasion a few months ago. I can see being like Anne, but I aspire to having Elizabeth's personality.

  6. Well I took the quiz and came out with emma.

    It was very much a female oriented quiz so I had to bend a few things