Thursday, February 7, 2008

More College News

Avram got into The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. We found out from the website, so all we know is that; there wasn't a letter or anything. We also found out yesterday (Wednesday) that he didn't get into Berkeley, but that's okay, because we didn't want to go there anyway. I know that sounds like sour grapes, but we really didn't. As we've been waiting to hear back from schools, we've been wondering why we even applied there, because we really don't want to go there. So it all worked out.

Ohio State is exciting, because we can buy a house there; the houses are really cheap, and we could buy a house in good condition for around $70,000. So that's exciting, but it's also really scary, because then we'd have to, well, actually buy a house. And now my head is spinning with things like getting a loan (my biggest worry. If they took a look at our previous income for the last three years, the loan officers would probably have a good laugh, and then shred our application), or getting a realtor (or not), and how in the world other people have done this, ie graduate students with no down payment, and yet I know that others have. So we could too. I just don't know how, exactly. Of course, we haven't decided to go to Ohio State yet, so I wouldn't have to actually do any work on buying a house unless we decided to, but still. On the other hand, the thought of having our own home, to paint, to plant, to own; I really like that idea.

We found out about the first two schools on Wednesday last week, and then we found out about these two schools on Wednesday this week, so now according to this trend we'll find out about the last two schools on Wednesday next week, and Avram will get into one and not the other. We're waiting on Johns Hopkins University and Yale University.


  1. Yes, you can buy in Columbus, Ohio--that is because the housing market has crashed big time. Selling at the other end may be virtually impossible. Any time good houses are that cheap, it is because selling doesn't happen. Maybe he would be there long enough. You may want to check out this link. It talks quite a bit about the housing market in Columbus, Ohio.

  2. The video actually talks about Cleveland. While it's true that recession-like tendencies are occurring, and that there are a lot of bad mortgages out there, with adjustable rates (or subprime rates, like they talked about it the video), Avram and I would only buy a house with a fixed rate mortgage that equaled out to a monthly payment that we could afford, and would be less than renting would be (or about equal after figuring in all Utilities and a monthly house budget).

    We would look to sell six years from now, and would only buy in good/better neighborhoods that have had more success selling. Also, we would continue to update and improve our house, mainly through landscaping, painting, etc. I don't want to make a profit off of a house; if we came out even at the end, it still will have been better than renting for the next six years. Also, we wouldn't get a second mortgage on our home to artificially inflate the price, which has been a large player in the recent housing problems across the country.

    Having said all this, we'll probably end up in Wisconsin or something, where we can't buy a house anyway.

  3. Don't be so sure houses are getting more affordable because of the market crash.
    In places(not Moab though) things are getting cheaper and better.

    You remember that big housing building boom in Utah County. Well now they all stand empty and the developers are cutting prices left and right.


    Ohio sounds fun close to kirtland and to the east yet still close to some good midwest things as well.
    Also there are some lakes and rivers and nature which is all nice as well.

  4. Just remember, it's not worth it to buy a house unless you are going to be there for at least 3 years, or else the equity doesn't add up, etc. etc. and I think you should move back here ;) Ok that was a terrible personal plug for living near me, but whatever.

  5. so when do you find out about the financial side? or do you already know? is that what will make your decision? Just wondering.

  6. Go Bucks! If you really seriously consider buying a house in Columbus, my sister Carolyn says to talk to her about it. She looked extensively last year (didn't end up buying) and knows the neighborhoods.

  7. Congrats Thora and Avram. Buying a house is a big step, but as long as you can find a home and a great mortgage (fixed of course) you will be better off. Plus! you get a tax break.

    BTW If you are thinking of buying a home. 1. Wait until you are actually there to start looking and 2. I have a friend that does the complete financial services for middle income families there - free of charge and can really educate you on mortgages do's and dont. Love you