Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Announcement

Finally, finally, I believe I can announce something that has been in limbo for many months.....

I would like to officially announce that Avram and I have probably found a name for our daughter. If you read this thinking it might be about Graduate schools, hah! Dream on.

I was just going to say it out, but I thought it would be more fun to give clues. It's the name of Aaron's wife in the Old Testament. Also, one of the Bennett sister's name is the English version of this name (having come through Greek first). We're going with the Hebrew pronunciation - the second to last letter is different than the name given in the Bible.

If you know what it is, just email me (my email is available through my profile).

It's not a British name, true, but it's the only name that we've been able to agree on, and feel good about, so that counts for more. Plus I'm planning to do a very British middle name. And Avram is studying Jewish Studies, so it still has an origin in our life here. (Anne is one of the middle names up for thought; I like it, because I love Anne of Green Gables; she's as much a best friend as any other I had in my youth).

I'll say on here what the name is in a couple of days, so that way if you don't feel like figuring it out, you don't have to.


  1. Thora! You know better than to keep me quessing .... specially if I don't study the Old Testament everyday .. you gotta tell me. If not, my guess would be "Charlie ie short for Charlene"

  2. yaaa.. i did a few googles but am not sure i got it.

  3. Thanks to all who emailed me their guesses (actually every email was right). The name we're (tentatively, ie, if we suddenly have a baby and name it Gobstopper, don't be upset) naming our daughter is Elisheva.

    It's pronounced Ellie-SHAVE-a, with the emphasis on SHAVE.


  4. Speaking of names, Samuel and I just watched Dragonheart last night and noticed in the credits someone named Avram!