Wednesday, July 14, 2010

She of the Golden Locks

Shortly after Guinevere was born, Lydia would talk to Guinevere, and then lean in real close as Guinevere whispered (so Lydia told us) in her ear. One time while doing this, I asked Lydia what Guinevere was telling her.

Lydia, "Guinevere is telling me about my baby brother!"

Me, "Oh, what's his name?" - Thinking maybe that children really do have a connection to the other side - maybe we'll have a boy next.

Lydia, after consulting with Guinevere, "Sharon."

On second thought, maybe not.
Lydia dressed up as a Fairy Princess - her favorite pretend, next to being Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. She's going to go as Toph for Halloween.

Also, twice in the last week Lydia has introduced herself to little girls at the park as "Goldilocks." She thinks Avram and I are Papa and Mama Bear, Elisheva is Baby Bear, and Guinevere is Curly Bear (this name derives from a character on modern Sesame Street - Guinevere's hair isn't curly at all). She's told us before that her real parents moved to Utah for forever, and so she's come to live with us, the Bear family.


  1. Just wondered what you are feeding that baby. She is definitely getting chubby.

  2. poor baby doesnt look to happy to being smooshed between her sisters :) haha

    and look at that... lydia IS your daughter! tell her that when you were a little girl you always pretnended we werent your real family either.

    sharon shannon.... come on it rolls right off the tounge! ;)

  3. That's awesome. I was also thinking of dressing up as Toph when we went to see the Last Airbender in the theatre, but she's not in the first movie. Maybe next movie.

    I think you should keep that girl, even if you're not her real family.