Monday, March 31, 2008


This mini was in our church parking lot on March Second, and I took a picture in honor of my friend Matt. I believe he just got a Honda, so he may no longer care about British cars, but I already had the picture and everything. Also, despite the fact that housing here is crazy expensive, cars seem to be cheaper, comparatively. Avram and I saw another original mini for sale, a red one all jazzed up with a red and white checkerboard roof and stripes and things for only 2,000 pounds. It could have been yours, Matt.


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    Translation follows:

    Yeah, I saw quite a few of them on the continent as well. They are pretty cool cars. And no, owning a Honda doesn't mean that I've stopped liking the British cars, it just means that I can't afford to fix a broken British car. It's what they do! Well, that, and leak oil everywhere.

  3. Oh yeah. They rust like champs, it takes virgin sacrifice to keep the electrics working correctly, the carburetors need to be maintained by rocket scientists (and even then, God help you if there's more then one), vacuum switches are always a treat and the "Hydrolastic" suspension is nice, if it's 1967.

    They sure are nice looking though!

  4. The price may be low in Europe but the gas price will kill you.

  5. Then there's the British tendency to change parts specs at any time during the model just finding out which part you need can be a nightmare. But they're sure fun to drive!