Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wimin Folk Musings

Lydia and I are sitting here, listening to Bob Dylan sing 'Blowin' in the Wind,' waiting for our caramel popcorn baking in the oven to be stirred again, and just generally doing well.

Avram left us tonight for a Stake Priesthood meeting, but seeing as our stake center is an hour away, and how rides work, etc, etc, he had to take the 3:15 pm mini bus to Oxford, and won't be home until 11:00 pm (he is studying for a couple of hours in Oxford before he actually leaves for the meeting), so it's us wimin folk here holding the home fort down.

I love caramel popcorn, and I never got to eat very much from the party (also, it didn't properly caramelize, and so was more like fancy sugared popcorn; everyone loved it, but it disappointed me, who loves real caramel popcorn), and as Lydia and I were hanging out after our not very exciting baked potato dinner, I decided that although it was only us, why not make yummy food. Besides, Avram doesn't even like caramel popcorn.

So we did. Well, Lydia stood on her chair next to the stove, and played with items from the rack, while I did the actually cooking part. But she did taste test the caramel, and thoroughly approved. I can already tell that the sugar properly caramelized, so overall in my life I am very happy.

This is a good thing, because today in the mail I finally received my ultrasound appointment, and it's for Friday at nine am. And then I found out the the hospital is actually six and a half miles away. And except for taking a taxi, which would be eighty American dollars round trip, the other method to get there is walking. Avram wants me to call the relief society for a ride, but I already know that everyone who lives up by us works during the day, and also I hate being a burden on the church, and we already get rides every Sunday for church, as well as any church activities (see, but there they're already going to church, so it's not totally out of their way). So we're going to walk. Avram's coming with me, which is very nice. Overall it won't be that bad; a whole two miles less than the church walk was, although we do have to do a round trip.

Also, for two days in a row my mom has done a conference call with me and sisters of mine in America; today with Mary and Halley (who had a baby girl two days ago), and yesterday with Tali. So I feel very connected to my family right now, which is a very nice feeling to have. I miss living near my family; I always wanted to be one of those families that lived close together, and the cousins grew up almost more like extended siblings. To be honest, like the Steed family in the Work and the Glory; yes, I sure do like that imaginary family. A lot of my family does live in Salt Lake City, so it is a true dream, just not for me.

I still hold out the hope of moving back to Utah after Avram finishes his Ph.d., and having him work at BYU. Of course, we can't be sure about the future, especially future jobs, but I would love it if that happened. And I know it's "happy valley" that everyone makes fun of, but I loved living in Provo, and would love to do it permanently. I've even picked out my possible houses that I want to buy in the tree streets, which is where I want to live, because then we'll be close enough to BYU for Avram to walk to work, and I like them. Even the students that live there.

And then I would own a house, which I dream of doing. Then I could have things like a real Chrismas tree, full size even. And paint the rooms, because I love coloured walls. And have a flower garden, although based on this summer's garden it would be a fairly pathetic one. But it would be mine, and that's the important part in my imaginings. There are positive aspects to my stage of life, too. After all, if we did own a house, coming to England would have been nigh impossible.

Well, my caramel popcorn is almost done, so I'll end these musings.


  1. oh man, don't get me started on owning a house. I can't wait, either! I feel silly about this, but several weeks ago I spent some time online looking at country houses for sale in various parts of the Midwest (where we tentatively plan to live). You know, just to check out the pricing...or something... :)

    The Tree Streets do have some very pretty houses! I love walking around there.

  2. We will do more conference calls over time. We'll have to kind of space them because it charges us for each one individually so it kind of adds up but maybe throughout a month, we can manage so you can talk to each of the sisters at least once a month. Of course, those that have skype can also call you for practically nothing.

  3. noticed you spelled colour the british way, made me smile.

    So sorry about the ultrasound being so far away! maybe someone could drop you off there on the way to work and then you could just walk home?? At first ( was reading fast) I thought you said eight dollars and was thinking that wasnt too bad... but eighty is ridiculous!

    I miss you. I wish my computer was not so decrepid and could handle the skyp program so I could call you. :( Next time you talk to mom have her conference call me!! And How come I am last on the conference call anyways?? ;)

    i habvnt ever made caramel popcorn myself. can you post the recipie?

    I hope that you one day are back in utah, or I might have to move where ever you settle. Becuase I have missed you all these years where we didnt get to spend much time together. And i enjoy my time with you so much more than other people. And you seem to understand me. *sigh*

    love you!

  4. You know Avram could also teach at UVU. I know its not BYU but they will be looking for the brightest and the best of which Avram is. Additionally the bus goes right to UVSC and you could still walk.
    Downside to Provo cost of houses. Ian pointed out the other day that you'll pay 200,000 for a tiny house with walls you can put your hand through by touching. However I will say that Spanish Fork, Springville, Payson, Salem, Mapleton, and other southern utah valley towns are more affordable while still being close and having bus service.

  5. Just read this, but now I'm *concerned*! Don't walk 6.5 miles -- unless you really want to. Take buses. There are buses from the city center to anywhere in Oxford you need to go. Check out and zoom way in to see which buses go by the hospital. Then click to plan your journey. It shouldn't cost more than about 6 GBP round trip. E.g. you can take Stagecoach bus 20 from Yarnton to Woodstock road, walk to Banbury road and hop on bus 700 straight to the John Radcliffe!