Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Expedition

We did walk down to the appointment (sorry Jessica, I didn't see your comment until afterwards). Partly, we didn't really understand the bus system enough at that point to know what buses went where, and we'd have to switch buses too. At the hospital, though, they had these great pamphlets that had the actual bus routes drawn out in them, and we took one with us, so we finally have a handle on how to take the buses here. Online they don't have that (at least not that we could find), and so although we could see the names of the bus routes, the names didn't really mean anything to us. So we could never figure out what buses to take, or where they went.

We even got to our appointment ten minutes early, after walking for two hours. It's funny, because walking for two hours can seem like a lot, but then you think of the pioneers, and they walked all day long; after two hours of walking, that seems like an awful lot of walking. Or even when Avram and I were dating, we once went for a four hour walk that went all over Provo, even into parts I've still never seen since (up behind DI, on the way to Walmart, kind of, but still in Provo).

Anyway, the baby is fine, and breathing, okay, its heart is beating, I guess it's not actually breathing. I held my hands over my eyes, until the ultrasound specialist told me the baby was alive, because I didn't want the experience I had last time, when they discovered a missed miscarriage by ultrasound. But it was all good, and my ultra-technical due date is...May 8th. Which is what I had figured out on my own anyway. Hurrah for modern medicine.

Our specialist found out that we walked to the app. from Yarnton, which she was very impressed at, because she didn't know that Americans walked places. Of course, Americans don't walk places, as a general rule, which we did tell her. Also, that it was as much sheer stupidity and determinism that made us walk as much as admirable qualities. Be that as it may, she came out and told the receptionist about our walking there, and they decided they're going to use us as examples to people who come late or miss their appointment, especially if they live nearby, because no, we didn't miss our appointment, and it was at nine am, even though we started walking at 6:45 to get there, etc, etc. Also, they told us what buses went where that we needed, so that was good too.

We took a bus into the city centre after that, and meant to immediately take the minibus home, but then we passed Pizza Hut, and Avram suggested eating at their lunch buffet, which I was game for, because A. it's American, and B. I wanted to celebrate that our baby was alive, because I'd been very worried about that until now. So we did, and it was great. American pizza, Salad, Mmm, I was very happy. Although, of course they didn't have Rootbeer, which was sad, but expected.

So overall today I had a very good day; and all that walking really worked up an appetite for the pizza, plus with the money we saved from not taking a bus down we paid for at least one of our meals. Thus, everything is good.


  1. Hooray for your Baby.

    Also good on you for breaking stereotypes. It's to early to determine if its a boy or girl right?
    Anyway waiting with baited breath for more new on your side of the pond.


  2. It is good to hear that your baby is fine! I am still in awe of your amazing feats of walking. you do me proud Thora!
    I love you and I hope that everything goes well
    I love you
    Love your Smork Smork

  3. Walking walking. It sounds rather like one of Boswell's books about Johnson.
    Just so long as you don't go walking in the rain, if there's one thing that I've come to understand as true, it's that walking in the rain is a one way ticket to terrible sickness.

    After all, why would Jane Austen lie to us about that?

    - Matt

  4. Jane Austen does not lie. That is truth.
    Congrats on ze leedle one.
    My only regret is that I will not have a chance to corrupt him/her like unto the brief moments with Lydia.
    Alas, such corruption doesn't seem to have rubbed off too much on said child, either. What is a friend's younger sister to do?? *sigh*
    My purpose has been thwarted yet again by good parents.

  5. Weird. I just posted a comment at 11:24 pm, 14 November 2007 here in good ole MST. But on your listing it says 15 November 2007, 6:24am. That's cool. Even blogspot knows you're in England.