Friday, September 7, 2007


I've decided to put off decided on my title for my blog until I arrive in England, so that I may properly soak up first hand the air and inspiration. Also, I'm not sure of a name, yet. I greatly appreciated Sarah (and Matt's) list; I laughed, I was inspired, and all-round enjoyed it. I'm currently leaning toward a title that evokes my personal experience, more than a literary name. We'll see, though.

Just so everyone knows, we're leaving September 27.

Also, I wanted to thank M&S for their wonderful package o' books they sent us. Including the humorous introductions. Avram and I have both laughed at the history book, and Julius Ceasar dividing the British into the Weeny, Weedy and Weaky. Lydia of course likes her board book, and Avram has begun Brideshead Revisited. With preparation for England like this, we shall be sure to conquer. Or at least, obtain a good education.


  1. We are blushing with embarrassment at your public gratitude! We're glad you are enjoying the books; we certainly do and thought you would too.

  2. I'm sorry for thanking you publicly, actually. We meant to write a thank you card, and send it, but then we hadn't yet, and so I posted the thanks in a blog (tackily, I might add), because it was better than nothing, and I didn't want you to think we hated them. Or even apathetically tolerated them, because we didn't, in fact we were very touched by your thoughtfulness concerning our whole family.