Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thora in a List

I've decided to follow Sarah's lead.

Jobs I've Held
Door-to-door fundraiser for SUWA (Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance) (this was only three or four weeks long - some of the longest of my life. I definitely do not recommend this job).
Hostess at Chuck-A-Rama
Cashier/Expediter at Rubio's Baha Grill
Dishwasher, Cannon Center, BYU
Receiver, Cannon Center, BYU
Tomassito's Pizza, Cannon Center, BYU
Secretary, Cannon Center, BYU
Wymount Custodian
DT Custodian
Babysitter for Logan Powell
Kids on the Move Daycare
Full time babysitter, Gerstner's.
(I've come full circle in my jobs; I wonder what this says about myself...)

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
While You Were Sleeping
A&E's Pride and Prejudice
(I don't really like movies that much)

Places I have Lived
Boise, Idaho
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
Salt Lake City, Utah
Tolstoy Farm, Washington
Duchesne, Utah
Kearns, Utah
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Provo, Utah
Alexandria, Egypt
Goldvein, Virginia

Shows I Enjoy
From my childhood: Full House
Now: Fraggles

Places I've Been On Vacation
Various Places in Egypt, Jordan and Syria
Outside Mesa Arizona for Estrella, the SCA "War"
Southern California
Nauvoo/Midwest Church history Sites
Cedar City (my honeymoon)

Favorite Food
Red mashed potatoes and gravy

Websites I Visit With Some Regularity
All of the links on this page

Body Parts I Have Injured
My right arm - a hairline fracture
Right Wrist - broken and displaced
Bruises; I have them all the time, especially on my shins.

Schmork, Schmork-Schmork

Now You have it.


  1. Interesting on your choice of movies. I've never been able to watch either of them all the way through even once! (I must confess that I've never been able to make it all the way through ANY Austin book, either.)

  2. Thora, I must say that you have one of your nick names wrong.
    YOU are BORK BORK, I am Smork Smork.
    I love you and it was nice to read your list.

  3. Aedo finished the drawing of you L5R Character