Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Tenuous Connexion

I don't have any news, or even issues today. No stories either. Just a deep, overwhelming need to reach out to people, which in my life today usually plays out by getting on the internet, and seeing if any of my friends and relations have updated their posts, so that I can feel connected to them. Unfortunately this proved to be not so, and so I figured I would reach out to others, instead.

As a note on my blog; I changed it because the old format doesn't work very well for really long posts, because the writing area is so narrow, and so I changed it to a format that lets me have long, long posts, and not have to scroll down forever. Plus I like getting to change colors; it's like redecorating, but free. And I love both color and change, so it works out great.

Avram and I (and Dad Shannon and Luke) went as chaperones on the youth baptism trip today. I didn't do any baptisms, but did the normal leader-ish things; handed towels to girls emerging from the font, squeegeed the floor by the showers, and such. Being a leader to the girls makes me feel old, because now I'm on the "other side," the leader side, the old side. I'm not used to be the support staff, but rather a player. Now I show up to things to set up, herd groups, and as crowd control. I also enjoy it, though. I feel like I'm contributed back, from my years of merely showing up to events, while my hardworking leaders herded me.

Well, that's enough connecting for me. Actually, I just remembered a load of laundry I need to fold, and another still in the dryer, and Lydia's supposed to go to sleep in fifteen minutes, and, and...


  1. Hi Thora! I just updated my blog, so you can read that now. :) It's kind of boring, though. I was merely trying to get something down, not be witty or anything.
    I agree about changing blog layout and colors. It really is like decorating for free. I love it!

  2. It is very interesting for us as parents to see you children doing very adult things.