Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In the Middle

Everything is in the middle right now. We have an application in on an apartment (actually, the main floor of a house that has been divided into apartments), Avram just sent off his first set of applications of the academic season, and the first one happened to be for our most coveted positions at BYU.  We are living in a two bedroom basement apartment right now, with our boxes piled up high around us. We have never really unpacked, because we have always known that we were going to be immediately looking for somewhere else to live.  I'm trying to be patient. I know that this stage too will end.  If we do get this house then we are planning on moving in just two days (since it will be available tomorrow), and since there really isn't a whole lot to pack up. It could be so soon where we would be out of this purgatory, and although not permanently settled for the rest of our life, at least settled for this year. could be a lot longer, just depending on what houses are available.  I am not good at patience and waiting. I think God knows this, and is trying to help me be more patient. I am not sure I appreciate His efforts, but maybe I will once I can look back and remember that nice, short time when we didn't know anything about anything that was happening in our life.

For now I just feel like every day is another one being dragged over the heaping coals of impermanence.

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