Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday was a good day. The kind of day where I feel like we are busy, and not just lazing around, doing nothing. Avram had Church Leadership Training in the morning at Church, so I got up and cleaned the house. Exciting, I know. But it was nice to have a nice, running house. Then Avram came home and had the young men over to do a Star Wars Roleplaying game. I went grocery shopping just with Elisheva, and it was fun to only have one child in the grocery store, and to spend some time with my poor middle child.

In the afternoon we walked with Samuel and Aleatha to the local, huge Oakland Park Nursery, where we wandered for an hour. I dreamed big thoughts of beautiful gardens, with a bounty of flowers and beautiful - not staunchy - bushes and trees, like the Japanese Maple. I settled with some bulbs - hyacinth, crocus, and Dutch Iris, some lilies, and a Wild Rose bush that was 75 % off - it's the "Bubble-icious" variety. We then planted everything, with Avram being a trooper and doing most of the digging, while Samuel and Aleatha went and got us frozen pizza. We had pizza, and then Aleatha and I went to a Girl's Night out of Window Shopping and cheesecake. It was fun. And I visited a bunch of stores I've never been to before, like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. Mostly I was amazed at how expensive everything was.

Here's hoping that my yard comes up all flowers next spring :)


  1. I knew you had a great day out because every time I called, you were were out.

  2. It's great to see you posting again!