Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Normal

Although I would like to spend my time doing nothing but hold Guinevere and stare at her perfection in what Avram likes to call the Madonna complex, life here in the Shannon household currently looks a lot more like this.

Elisheva likes the baby - she just isn't sure what to make of this baby coming and never seeming to leave. Not to mention that sometimes, no matter what - ie, when I'm nursing , I won't put down Guinevere to hold just Elisheva, no matter how desperate she is (and she thinks it's a desperate situation all of the time). Notice the state of the living room - classy joint I live in, huh?

Meanwhile Lydia is in danger of loving this child too much. I'm sure if Guinevere does have any conscious thoughts, they revolve around why I keep letting this small blond monster maul her.
Guinevere herself spends her time growing. Every day amazes me with how much bigger she's looking. I wish that the precious newborn stage didn't also have to happen at the same time as the crazy adjusting-to-another-child-in-the-family-stage. With Lydia I just spent hours watching her sweet little face while my Mom took care of everything else. For the last week that my Mom has been here, I've spent some time staring lovingly at Guinevere, but I've spent a lot more time juggling the two other children and their sudden, yet understandable, neediness.

Here's Guinevere throughout her first week (she's 11 days old now, but I'm a little slow on catching up):

Day One

Guinevere at a week old.
Lydia and Elisheva have loved having my mom here. Well, let me qualify that - Elisheva loves doing activities with her Nana, but she does not accept her for comfortings or holdings, to replace her recalcitrant Mama who won't stopping holding that needy baby.
Nana cooked with them.And had a tea party
Not to mention played all sorts of games to introduce Lydia to her distant Stallick cousins, via pictures and maps and such. Now Nana has gone home, and I think we're beginning to get the hang of this whole five person family thing. Ask me again in two days, when Avram goes on a two and a half day campout for scouting, leaving me at home with three girls. Pre-made freezer dinners, here we come.


  1. Yup, the rule of opposition in all things is almost never so apparent as right after a baby's born. I LOVE that newborn stage and I always wish it would last longer--except for whenever I look around at the state of my house or think about my long list of unfinished tasks.

    Try to enjoy it as much as those older girls will let you!

  2. that baby girl is so adorable i wish i could come for a snuggle! I have a picture of me nursing Theo and porter was in my lap too. Far too often i had at least 2 kids in my lap at all times. I love that new born stage, breath it all in and hold that baby as much as you can! its the best time... before they get bigger and all three can fight each other (sigh)

  3. oh congratulations! she does look perfect!

  4. I think that's about exactly what we're going to look like in two weeks. It makes me kind of nervous to think about. I'm glad your mom could come out for a little while! That's always nice. Guinevere is SO cute! I love all her hair!