Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haphazard Family Fun Day

This was going to be a funny post. But after having the pictures already uploaded (out of order) for over a week, I think I'll settle for just a finished post. We went pumpkin picking on Friday - with the whole family. It was going to be a perfect Autumnal Family Outing, with crisp air, and a hay ride pulled by a tractor, complete with cute pumpkins. We arrived later than we had planned because we received an email that the mom's group we were going with was having a flux of people at nine thirty, so to come later. It turns out that Ten thirty was a little too much later - we drove up to see the tractor driving off with the last Mom's group hay ride. No matter, I determined to wait until the next time around, when surely more moms would have arrived. Except none came. And we got out first, and Lydia walked through some wet grass/mud, since it had rained for most of the week. And then Lydia took off her shoes, because they were wet and muddy. So she's standing there in the cold wailing, and wanting to be carried. At this point we made a break back to the car, to wait there.You can see from Elisheva's expression how we were all feeling at that point.

Finally we determined to forego the hayride, and just walk over to the nearby pumpkin field, and pick what we could there. We carried Lydia to the field, but then let her go, muddy socks and all.
Lydia could not pick what pumpkin she wanted. She told us we was looking for the perfect pumpkin, and personally wandered over the entire field searching for it. Finally, after Elisheva had falled down in the mud, gotten stuck in some other mud, and I had fallen down as well, Avram picked Lydia's pumpkin for her.

We picked out a family pumpkin and an Elisheva pumpkin as well, and then hobbled back to the main area, where I tried to pretend we were a cute all-American family, and not cold and muddy. Speaking of not being cute, why did I think a garish pink flowered jacket was a good idea - where were our picturesque Autumnal sweaters? (That we don't own?)

Oh, I forgot to mention that Lydia had a runny nose, too. We had planned to go home after this, but it was such a let down of an experience (hey, last year, when I went with just the girls, was perfect) that we decided to go to Culver's, our favorite hamburger place, and pop over to the Zoo, which was by the Pumpkin Farm and Culver's.

Notice the stylish mud I'm sporting to the zoo.
We found some clean sock's in the car, and then bundled the girls up with whatever random things we could find in the car as well (hooray for never cleaning out the car), so they would stay warm, since it was really quite cold. The zoo was not what you would call busy.
Which we enjoyed just fine. We only went to the indoor exhibits, the highlight of which was the aquarium. This was the first time being there that Elisheva really got into the fish. She loved it, and kept exlaiming, "Wow! Wow!"

So the haphazard family fun day was turned around, into a truly fun day. Even though we did fill our mud quota for the year.


  1. oh i hate when the perfect family activity that you planned out in your head doesnt go right in actuality. i did have a little chuckle over the muddy experience, only because i can relate! oh and i love when you find a reason to use all the random stuff left in the car!

  2. this post made me laugh. i especially like the pictures in the car :)

    the aquarium picture is really cutee

  3. Hey, I havent checked your blog forever! Your girls are so big!! To think we left Oxford only a year ago!! PS. nice hair cut, I love it!

  4. Kudos for enjoying the day anyhow. I only wish we had a zoo nearby. That sounds like a nice way to enjoy a day full of mud and such.