Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Life

This morning we woke up to two inches of snow. It's the second time it has snowed (as apposed to snow flurries), and the first time was two weeks ago on Easter Sunday. Maybe it's a Sunday thing. We were especially surprised because it wasn't even raining last night when we went to bed late. This weekend also Lydia has been battling a cold which Avram then caught (this after her stomach bug on Thursday). She threw up several times on Saturday, just because she doesn't know how to cough up phlegm, and so would throw it up instead. Because she'd spent all of Thursday losing her guts, she had understandably developed a paranoia of throwing up, and so spent a lot of time working herself into a tizzy over it, and getting upset when a towel was near her (that's what she threw up into), but at the same time if she thought she might throw up soon, had to have a towel near her.

All in all I'm just glad we're now in the diarrhea stage (and I never thought I would write that previous statement). Somehow in considering motherhood and planning for it, I never thought that so much time and effort and thought would be involved in bodily functions of my children. I should have known, I suppose. It really makes me think about how much of my parent's time similarly was spent on me as a baby; rather a humbling thought.

On another note, conference has been nice so far. It feels a little odd to have watched Saturday afternoon session Sunday morning, but it was exciting to participate in a Solemn Assembly; the first one that I ever recall. Also I really loved President Eyring's testimony in his talk; I love to hear general authorities testify of the prophet, and that he is a living prophet who receives revelation.

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