Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leisure Time

Avram brought a computer game with him, Civilization IV, since he could only bring a couple of role playing books, so that he would have some games to play. Avram hasn't played it very much at all (actually not at all), until on Monday, when he was getting him out, and I asked him if two players on the same computer could play, and it turns out they can, so we started a game together. I had him put on the Marathon setting (determines how fast or slow the game goes; marathon is the slowest setting).

Since Monday evening when this happened, I've spent the last five days almost incessantly playing Civ. IV. And I'd like to blame my husband for this, but I really can't. Yes, it's true that for the first time since I was in eighth grade, and spent my entire spring break playing Super Nintendo's Final Fantasy II as if it were a full time job, I'm addicted to a video/computer game. We're still only up to about 1523 A.D. (the game starts you out at 4,000 B.C). This sounds like we're almost done, considering the game only goes up to around 2200 A.D. (although there are many ways to win earlier), but after the 'middle ages' are done, which depends on your rate of discovery, so ours ended about a 1000 AD, the games slows down to one turn a year, as apposed to the previous 5-20 years a turn. So this is taking forever. I should have known; it said marathon, and it was right.

I was trying to finish our game before Matt and Sarah visited us, which is today (they're coming for a layover for a couple of days on the way to Qatar), but as you can tell, this simply isn't going to happen. And poor Lydia has been parentless. I mean, we feed her, and she likes to watch the game with us, and we don't play all of the time, but she does love to mess up the living room if we let her, and so every day we've had to clean up the remains of the Lydia tornado in the Living Room. Which is our own fault, or my fault, as Avram likes to remind me, because I'm the one who wants to play all of the time.

I make myself feel better by remembering that it is Christmas break, and there's time to do such silly things, but still. Anyway, that's why I haven't posted in a week; I haven't done anything besides sapping my brains out in front of the monitor. But we're not going to play again until after Christmas, so we can properly observe the season, so maybe my brains will come back.

Have any of you been addicted to games, so that way I can feel better about my shortcomings, since I hopefully have company?

P.S. I finished Lydia's stocking before this all happened, so that's done at least.


  1. I did the SAME THING with Civ II! At least, I think it was Civ II. It was a Civ. I got it for my sister several Christmases ago, and promptly stayed up all night three nights in a row playing it. Same story with Age of Empires, too. I just couldn't stop. Unfortunately, I don't get to do that this Christmas because I am no longer a student and must work my sorry butt off this week as all other weeks. But the money keeps rollin' in, so really, it all works out.

  2. I was hopelessly addicted to age of empires. I used to play all the time in college for hours!! when i was pregnant with Porter I was really sick and just layed on the couch a lot, cory's brother ryman let me use his nintendo and the latest legends of zelda game. I played that all day for months! lately i just am online all the time with blogging, checking others bloggs, or just wasting time googling things and reading about them! Cory is addicted to his x-box though. He plays most nights after he puts porter to sleep. oh and porter is addicted to the thomas and friends website! they have little kid games and coloring on there and he wishes i would let him play it all the time! he always asks " mommy can i play my thomas and friends website, please?"

  3. I am ot really prone to addictions of that type. Or really at all.I get bored too fast. But I would probobly sit up all night talking the ear off of someone who would let me. Of corse you know first hand of that because of when we shared a room/bed. Poor pookie. iTs ok you can admit to me that you pretended to listen after the first hour or two. I will forgive you. he he! But don't feel bad, your not alone! I love you. I hope your having a good Christmas break. You should listen to some cat stevens, that always makes reminds me of christmas breaks years ago.

  4. I'll admit I had a pretty big obsession to Civ IV but it got really really frustrating I could only win via space race instead war. I was terrible at war terrible is even an understatement. Anyway happy holidays we've moved into Moab now and are getting settled in.

  5. I was really addicted to age of empires for a long time there. When I got out of the army I would have nothing to do most of the time. I would play that for hours and hours. Ben taught me a lot of the cheats so if I was getting slaughterd or someting I could win really easily.
    Man that makes me want to go play! :)
    love you