Saturday, July 7, 2007

My so-called Life

I'm going to write a longer blogger soon, but I just wanted to write a short one as an update and all that. First off; Lydia is still as cute as ever; this morning we went to the church to be custodians for a day, and I was vacuuming the nursery. Upon seeing this, Lydia picked up a toy vacuum, and vacuumed for as long as I did. She even made the noise!

Otherwise, Avram's dad finished the pantry he was building in the Kitchen, so yesterday we filled it full of all of the food. As a result of living out of boxes and bags for the last long while, there were some surprising accumulations, because we never knew what was in the house when we went shopping. Like the Shannons have 19 cans of Evaporated milk. That shouldn't be a problem to use, because we also have 12 cans of pumpkin. Additionally, fully a sixth of the pantry is taken up by cereal boxes (most of them newly rediscovered). As Avram's mom put it; "It makes planning meals really easy; we'll just eat cereal for the next six weeks." I really enjoyed helping to organize the pantry; it made me remember seven years ago, when I began as a receiver at the Cannon Center (a food center at BYU); I received all of the food shipments, and put them away and kept track of the stock.

Tomorrow I'm giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting, my topic being the 11th article of faith as it applies to us living in America. Also, I've been called as the beehive advisor, which means that I teach the lesson every Sunday to the beehive class. I'm really enjoying this calling; I always loved my young women's leaders, and wanted to be called to the young women's someday.

On Monday I'm starting work at M&P pizza. The owner, Jimmy Karrelis, is in Greece for the month of July, and so needed extra help, which is me. I'm truthfully not looking forward to working in fast food again, but I'm also glad to help defray a small amount of the cost of going to Oxford. And Lydia will be in good hands with her Grandmother. I'm only working part time.

That's all, Folks.

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  1. How did the talk go? (I'm glad they gave you that topic, and not some extreme political nut)

    I'm jealous of your calling. I've always thought it would be fun to work with the YW, although I also have a mild loathing of the organization. But I remember loving my beehive advisers particularly so I'm sure you're great!