Sunday, May 6, 2007

End Notes on Utah

Moving went well, thanks to much help; Camilla and Soren came down and saved my life shortly before I moved, and Avram's Mom did much, especially with cleaning the house. Before we moved my life became a comedy of errors. First, Lydia teethed horribly for about four days straight; she got a fever, screamed relentlessly (even after Tylenol) and just was generally sick. We did get one tooth that actually cut out of the experience, for which I am grateful. However, this all cut into our packing time and ability, and so while I had begun the week far ahead in my packing, I ended it far behind. Then we graduated, which went well, and was nice because I finally walked, and now I finally feel as if I have graduated, although I actually graduated in December 2005. That experience went well, and was not an error, but rather just complicated and busy. However, on Monday at 1:30 in the morning I threw up, and continued to do so two more times before the morning. (I believe I caught a bug from a friend).
We called our home teacher at seven in the morning, and he came over and helped Avram give me a blessing, and I didn't throw up any more, which was a nice change, but I was weak for the rest of the day. Yet, this day was our First Moving Day, wherein we moved Samuel and Aleatha's belongings from our apartment to there's, also in Wymount, because they had already left for Kansas, and so needed somewhere to put their things. Also, we gave them most of our furniture, and so we were moving that as well. Luckily we had already arranged for people to help with this, and so others came over and moved everything while I lay around, first on the couch, and then, once that was moved, outside on the grass. Many women in my ward saw me lying there, and once they found out the situation were very helpful. My relief society president, Susie Larson, came over and washed my lower cupboards while her son slept; my up door neighbors made us dinner, and other's husbands helped move belongings, while Avram's mom, Kate Shannon, did most of the work around the house in preparation for moving.
On Tuesday I was feeling better, and so our moving day went much more smoothly, at least as far as I was concerned. Avram's brother Joshua came down and helped us load our Relocube (like a trailer), and we were done with everything by about six thirty at night.
So on Wednesday, we did leave Utah, and all was well. In the hustle and bustle of it all, leaving never did really sink in, but I think that was actually for the best, because sentimentality is always time consuming, if only emotionally time consuming.

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  1. I realize by the day that you post this that Samuel's wedding is already over. At least I thought he got married at the end of last week. No comments on that? How is Lydia taking the drive?